Charles Darwin was dead wrong. Evolution debunked! (Super Long Read)

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Ancient Man and His First Civilizations
Neanderthal & Cro-Magnon[/SIZE]

A note to avoid confusion: It is a common misconception that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon were the forerunners of Modern Man. Actually Modern Man is much older than both of them. Accordingly, Modern man and the Humanoids are presented here, in thecorrect chronological order.

A note on the confusing terminology that follows:

Originally Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon were not classed as Sapien (Wise). This designation was reserved for “us” Modern man. However, subsequent re-thinking by some - perhaps with other than scientific agendas, caused these two early Humanoids to be re-classed as Sapien. Thus they became Homo-sapien neanderthalensis, and Homo-sapien Cro-Magnonensis, that leaves Modern Man with the really screwy name “Homo-sapien-sapien” (Man the Wise Wise?). Though we do understand that the elevation of Cro-magnon and Neanderthal to Sapien status, does solve a great many problems - none related to science though. However, the current move to place Cro-magnon with modern man as “Homo-sapien-sapien”, is really taking it too far, and it is pointless, as science proves, Caucasians did NOT evolve from Cro-Magnons in Europe.


[LEFT][/LEFT]Now lets look at Neanderthal, he was an “in-between” form of Homo-sapien - less advanced than Modern man, but more advanced than Homo-Erectus. He inhabited much of Europe and the Mediterranean lands during the late Pleistocene Epoch, (about 100,000 to 30,000 years ago). Neanderthal remains have also been found in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. The name Neanderthal, derives from the discovery in 1856 of the remains of this Humanoid in a cave above the Neander Valley in Germany, not far from Düsseldorf.

The last Glacial Ice stage in Europe was about 10,000 to 70,000 years ago, and it is from those times that the most numerous skeletal remains of Neanderthals have been found. These have given us some idea of Neanderthals body-type and habits. Neanderthals were short, stout, and powerful in build. Cranial capacity equaled or surpassed that of modern humans, though their braincases were long, low, and wide and flattened behind. Their faces had heavy brow ridges, large teeth, and small cheekbones. The chest was broad, and the limbs were heavy, with large feet and hands. The Neanderthals appear to have walked in a more irregular, side-to-side fashion than do modern humans.

Neanderthals were the first human group to survive in northern latitudes during the cold (glacial) phases of the Pleistocene. They had domesticated fire, as indicated by concentrations of charcoal and reddened earth in their sites. Yet, their hearths were simple and shallow and must have cooled off quickly, giving little warmth throughout the night. Not surprisingly, they exhibit anatomic adaptations to cold, especially in Europe, such as large body cores and relatively short limbs, which maximize heat production and minimize heat loss.

Neanderthals were cave dwellers, although they occasionally built camps out in the open. They wore clothing, used fire, hunted small and medium-sized animals (like goats and small deer), and they scavenged from the kills of large carnivores. They made and used a variety of stone tools and wooden spears. Neanderthals intentionally buried their dead, both individually and in groups, and they also cared for sick or injured individuals. Evidence of ritualistic treatment of animals, which is sometimes found with their skeletons, may indicate that they practiced a primitive form of religion. Evidence from a few sites indicate that Neanderthals coexisted for several thousand years with Modern Humans; who arrived in Europe at about 45,000 B.C, and Cro-Magnons, who arrived in Europe by 35,000 B.C.

The origins of Neanderthals cannot be established with any certainty. The forerunners of Neanderthal humanoids may date to some 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. Some skull fragments found in France are of that age, but they have characteristics more like modern Homo sapiens. And so it may be, that this is where we see the first evidence of modern man (modern man first shows up at about 400,000 years ago, and is much older than Neanderthal); cross-breeding with Humanoids, in this case Homo-Erectus - who still existed as late as 300,000 B.C. Thus producing the hybrid “Neanderthal”.

Please take special note: The proclivity of ALL Humans to mate with whoever is available, is ingrained and pervasive. The activity of cross-breeding will eventually account for the introduction of all the modern worlds races and ethnicity’s.

It was thought that Neanderthals anatomic adaptations to cold had brought about a lightning of the skin, and thus played a part in the evolution of White people. But scientific studies indicate that modern White people show no genetic evidence of admixture with Neanderthals that relates to their skin color. Though they do show admixture with Neanderthal, as does the Billions of Black people outside of Africa. It now appears that White peoples evolution was much simpler and more direct. Click here for the working theory on the evolution of White people >>>

[SIZE=3]Neither Neanderthal nor White people were/are “Cold Adapted.”
ALL Modern Humans are “tropically adapted” Africans.[/SIZE]


<<One is a Black woman, the other is a White woman. They both can’t be Neanderthal, therefore one is a lie.>>

[SIZE=5]More Albino Nonsense[/SIZE]

The underlined sentence above was meant with great joy by Albinos desperate to find something special about being Albino. And soon they to expand on the real results, they started lie and create false facts and false scenarios. First they contrived to make “Eurasian” mean “White and near-White Mongols”. But the fact is that Asia was Entirely Black in the beginning, at the time of Neanderthal, and is still substantially Black, both Negroid and Caucasoid Black. Additionally, South Asia and Oceania are Majority Black, so as usual with the nonsense of Albinos, it doesn’t hold water.

[SIZE=4]Then they started to do new studies, which built on their original lie:[/SIZE]
From the study: “An X-Linked Haplotype of Neanderthal Origin Is Present Among All Non-African Populations” which produced this map. Apparently someone finally told them that the Horn and North Africa is inhabited by Africans.

Another interesting lie (by absence of truth) is that they made no effort to show these second set of facts: In May 2010, researchers were able to get enough nuclear DNA from three female Neanderthals who lived in a cave in Croatia 38,000 to 44,000 years ago to splice together and publish the first draft of a Neanderthal genome. When they compared that draft genome with DNA from modern humans in Europe, Asia, and Africa, paleogeneticist Svante Pääbo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and his colleagues found that modern Europeans and Asians—but not Africans—have inherited between 1 percent and 4 percent of their genes from Neanderthals. {As reported in Slate} Click for link:

[SIZE=4]As previously stated: to Albinos this proved that they were “Special” and “Advanced.”
In follow-up studies, researchers identified people who had inherited about 3 percent of their DNA from the Denisovans, as well as 4 percent to 6 percent of their DNA from Neanderthals. These people are found in a patchwork quilt of populations on islands of Southeast Asia, including Melanesians in Papua New Guinea, aboriginals in Australia, and Negritos in the Philippines.

So then if 1-4% Neanderthal makes Albinos Special, one can only assume that having 4-6% Neanderthal makes these people “SUPER SPECIAL” and “SUPER ADVANCED”.


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Summary tafasare

The theory of evolution is the biggest lie in the history of mankind

What about Creation Theory?

You could spin it another way. That Africans share a large part of their genome with subhuman neanderthals, making them subhuman too, while on the other hand the white people have pure human genome. Neanderthals arent though to have been bright at all, but they are said to have good vision. It would still work that way.

Again, in my opinion, we could be two, three, four, or five, convergent species. We dont have to be one. Of these species, who is more human? Can that argument be won?

these were just ugly ass cavemen who wandered from place to place.
we have several neanderthals even here on kt.

I think the groups of humans we have on this planet were introduced from other planets in the universe separately. It is very unlikely that we evolved from one parents yet end with only minor differences, as suggested in the theory of evolution. If it is true we would be seeing a continuum of species from apes all the way modern humans that can’t interbreed successfully like in zebra, donkey, horses etc. On the other hand, if the the story creation is true the differences we have in colour and struture would be much less than it is today. And again we would not be living in homogenous groupings like we do today, e.g africans in africa, asians in asia etc.


Christians didn’t need a silly scientist to tell us what we’ve known all along. Obviously, more blind faith is needed to believe in evolution than in Creationism.

I bet you get vaccinated.

Sure, scientists can be used by God to advance medical know-how but ultimately He’s the Great Physician/Healer; by His stripes we were healed.

Ha ha ha, God can not, will not and has ever ever healed anyone. If that were possible Pope John paul would have been preaching in hopitals and would not have needed to be taken to hopital to have a bullet removed from him. "Your use of the word “Can” will be very worrying to your God as to your faith in him. Is it not interesting to note that belivers are never sure about anything to do with their Gods? Repent my brother so you may be shown the way (obviously those who claim to have been shown the way are also just imagining things since not a sungle soul can, will, has or may be able to speak to “god”).

Evolution is the most plausible attempt at explanation of life. It makes total sense and to be honest detractors of that theory have nothing better to offer except stupid theories about some chap floating in dark space who is not a real thing because he is not made of matter as we know it but who speaks in a Language we pretend to undertsand and who simply proclaimed let there be the world. And that all these things happened a few thousand years ago and in that short time he has decided to take a sojourn into space until his son Jesus wakes up one day and decides or they decide to sneak back to earth. And that as many hopeless humans believe is “soon”.

Human beings will never know their origin with certainity (you can not know things that happened before your existence, you can only postulate) but for sure it does make sense that at some point we may have had too much hair, not as much brainpower and lived in the bushes, had rudimentary tools and walked barefoot. That far we can glean from our recent history so that theory bears lots of sense. As to whether we were viruses many millions of years ago we may never know but that again sounds rather possible considering the little biology we know and the complex interactions of the physical world. Dinasours are gone, maybe many more species are gone too. But if one species can be lost forever, maybe another does emerge. Nothing else does make more sense so far!

@ochithunder, do you have an advanced degree in evolutionary biology? Are you an archaeologist? I’m almost positive that you’ve never even seen a Neanderthal skeleton or dinosaur fossil with your own two eyes. What published works written by “top” evolutionary scientists have you read and internalized before you arrived at “evolution being the most plausible attempt at explanation of life?” You evolutionists often insist that evolution is a proved fact of science. This of course, is nothing but wishful thinking. Evolution is not a scientific hypothesis, since there is no conceivable way in which it can be tested. The stages of evolution were never found to be proved. Darwin called the theory of evolution a theory, because it’s impossible to prove it, you cannot see the stages for yourself. The entire philosophy of evolution and naturalism is built on a faith based premise, not science.

Did you read this crap before u posted it? Did u know u are really posting this? Or maybe you just decided to display your ignorance to the public?

Everybody is trying to prove or improve their theory! Funny enough, none of them will ever get it correctly until they bring God into this.
Let’s say evolution really happened (which it did), then obviously it must have happened before the modern man was created (for he was created)!!
Yeah! I know that look on your faces :wink: surprise!!! You are probably asking yourself " where on earth did this dummy come from?" Well, am here now and will courageously tell that evolution was in the ancient age or world that was destroyed by “the destroyer” meaning Satan! Then God rebuilds the earth and creates a fully grown intelligent being named man!
So just argue your evolution stories but kindly know you were created by God.

The “theory” of evolution makes more sense than “let there be light” Incidentally, who did God tell the story of how he created the world??? Absolutely!!!

Did your forefathers have a creation story? How did they know about creation? If you told them about Jesus would they have believed you? One does not need to be a scientist to see the sense in an arguement. There is absolutely no sense in anything done by the Christian or Muslim God. None at all.

This is but laughable. By the way, no one is trying or has ever tried to “prove” anything. That is why it is called a theory. It is a postulation, and estimate, an assessment based on facts of archeology, bones, fossils. Let me ask you,

  1. Do you think something called carbon dating is a reliable scientific method of estimating the age of any fossil?
  2. Do you really think the world is only 10000 years old?
  3. Do you therefore believe that Dinasaurs never lived?
  4. How then would you explain africans, asians, indians e.t.c if creation as per the bible is to be believed?

Relax, think, process, argue with humility. It is not war, it is about convincing each other on what appears to make more sense and what is most likely total bullshit coated in threats of fire in hell :D:D

Why do u react like a fool? Or its because maybe you are a fool!
Read my text before rushing on judgement!
I clearly stated that evolution did take place. I did not undermine science, I know what facts are and what theories are… I only said that evolution did happen before creation of modern man by God.
But since u have a shallow mind, u can’t comprehend this in your small skull! I said that you should mumble on who or what is true but we are so sure that God is real and He created us.
You can’t understand anything about pre-creation events since you know nothing about the existence of God and His sons.
Pole sana. Talking with you is a waste of energy.