Charlene Just Announced...To The Amusement Of Attendees: First Daughter's Office

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Charlene Ruto on Wednesday, December 14, responded to questions raised on the source of funds for the Office of the First Daughter.

In a statement, Charlene explained that the entity was privately managed.

"The Office of the First Daughter is a private entity. It is neither a constitutional office nor is it being funded by
Kenyan taxpayers.

“It runs to purely facilitate the activities and any programs being run by myself,” she underlined.[ATTACH=full]484836[/ATTACH]
President’s daughter, Charlene Ruto (center) and her entourage visited the Mohammed VI Football Complex -
Maamoura Morocco on November 9, 2022.

Charlene explained that the office was not linked to that of President William Ruto and undertook objectives set by herself specifically targeting the youth.

“The office has engaged various players across the country and beyond in line with some of its objectives of championing youth-based agendas and climate change advocacy,” the statement read in part.

She further rubbished claims she had ulterior motives, including setting a foundation for a political career, stating that all the work she was doing was in good faith.

The first daughter called out those who were going after her, stating that she too has a voice and will use it to create opportunities for the youth.
Charlene was thrown into the limelight after a video of her introducing the members of her office went viral.

Among the officers mentioned were Mike Sagana, the principal advisor of the team and Jermaine Momanyi, the head of trade and investments.

Kenyans took to social media demanding answers on who exactly was sponsoring the President’s second-born daughter who also recently launched a foundation.

The explanation comes after the first daughter was forced to delve deeper into her foreign trips. She explained that she regularly updated the President before taking any trip.

More questions were raised about whether she shared the office with her elder sister, June, and if her brothers Nick and George Ruto also had their private offices.

On December 7, Charlene’s confession that she sold smokies while she was a university student turned heads on social media with Kenyans casting doubts on her revelation.

[B][I]Dominic Mutai[/I][/B]
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President William Ruto’s daughter, Charlene Ruto, volunteered to be a patron in mobilizing the youth in Murang’a County to embrace coffee farming.

The county’s deputy governor, Stephen Munania, on Friday, December 16, announced that he will partner with Charlene to ensure the youth reap from the lucrative business.’a%20Deputy%20Governor%20Stephen%20Munania%20(right).jpg?itok=SAKaEGFe
Philanthropist Charlene Ruto (left) and Murang’a Deputy Governor Stephen Munania

"H.E Charlene Ruto and I will be patrons of this demo farm where we will progressively engage youths from crop growth stage to harvesting.

“I will not relent until the young people have benefited from this project supported by all well-wishers,” the deputy governor announced.
Charlene Ruto

Munania spoke at the Murang’a County Youth in Coffee Agribusiness Initiative launch at Ikundu Farm, Maragua Sub County.

“We are focused to be part of a government that is dedicated to promoting Agriculture and uplifting youths as well as sensitizing them to embrace new modern farming techniques,” he stated.

In addition, the deputy governor stated that as patrons, they will frequently monitor the progress of this project from different sub counties in different societies.

“Murang’a County coffee has the potential to grow to a Ksh25 billion sector, this is the beginning of the Coffee Revitalization agenda that puts the youth at the center of growth,” the deputy governor announced.

According to the deputy governor, by June 2023, youths in coffee farming get Ksh100 per kilogram.

“This is the only way we can create jobs and wealth for our youth and future generations,” he declared.

This initiative was established through the partnership between the Murang’a Farmers Co-Operative Union (MFCU) and the New KPCU under the county governor, Irungu Kang’ata.

MFCU also provided a two-acre farm that will be used as a demonstration farm where dedicated agronomists will conduct frequent training and workshops in conjunction with the other partners.

First daughter Charlene Ruto makes donations to girls.

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