Charity Ngilus Polling Station... Na Mnajipatia Hopes Bado


If JSKS loses, he will have to blame Central poeple.
Their turnout could seal his fate.
But this is going to the wire.

upload correctly.

WAIT until the media starts counting everything that’s in… per IEBC, we have over 52 p.c of all the forms… representing over 6M votes.

You’ll be surprised at how much WSR is winning.

Let me get Karuas polling station next…

Mama aliona ajitoe mapema mapema…she saw it coming

Nimeweka picha na PDF

Central poor turnout is still better than the turnout in traditionally Azimio strongholds.

Central is only second to Rift Valley… better than Nyanza juu Kisii and Migori turnout isn’t very good.

So poor turnout affects all equally, therefore none at all.

The determinant will be the inroads the candidates made…

Aki WSR is a magician.

Even in NGILUS polling station anagawana na RAO

My friend, ASSimio leaders have gone silent they know they are losing big. Jubilee Party oh the great work we did in 2013-17 but today naona they are all going home in central and Mt Kenya.

My friends let the shock of Ukambani-Western-Coast be just a warning for tonight. Kesho ni Nairobi and the End game Rift Valley big numbers.

Go and find out why even your deraged bloggers have gone silent. Imebaki to fans on the dark. You have lost and its not even close.

Itabidi kesho they realise some more polls showing ASSimio leading. That’s the only came back they had the whole campaign period.

stop lying to yourself. The good thing all the forms are in public for us to see.

And what are they showing?

Ruto is only doing well in Bungoma, but its not a clean sweep…ni almost a split with Raila.
In Ukambani, Raila is doing from 60 % - 80 % , the urban areas of Ukambani ndiyo Ruto anamkaribia, but in general Raila is ahead.

Huko coast, Ruto has really tried, some areas hitting close to 40%.

but also Raila has improved in Mt Kenya counties compared to 2017 where he was getting 1% in Nyeri, saa hii anafika hata 25% in some areas.

Kiambu is his best GEMA county, 35 - 37%

Nakuru, Raila hata ameshinda Ruto in some areas like Molo…

We can only know the winner when at least 95% of results are tallied.

look at the sample below from Bungoma. But in other western areas , Raila is in the ranges of 65 to 85%


Let’s wait then…

too early to celebrate


Your Math isn’t Mathing.

WSR has taken it… by a margin.

Ask me tomorrow

lets wait…

the results we are getting tally with the ipsos polls…

Itumbi umetoka shimo gani? Leo hii utatublock na feeringz?

No, they don’t.

Far from it.

Do I need to point out the obvious?

What percentage difference is IPSOS showing?

And FYI… IPSOS and infotrak have had an error of 6 percentage points in favor of RAO since 2013

To suggest that IPSOS numbers match what we are getting, and also call the race too tight to call is double-talk

President William Samoei Ruto the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya