Charges for death caused by accident

Jaguar was charged 20K in fines for killing two people and Inspector Mwala 30K for killing one person through careless driving.

Do you know anywho has received a more punitive charge than these two, for a similar offence?


This did not answer my question.

What’s the penalty like for other people, in comparison?

Jaguar amekasirika sasa…!!

Key word ACCIDENT…hope that answers you.

Ack, you still don’t my question, but oh well…

the charge is not the accident its self… its causing death by dangerous/careless driving… jaguar should know that…he caused the deaths and thus should have faced a long prison sentence

I have heard that boda boda people have received harsher penalties than these.

In both instances Jaguar and mwala, both we’re charged with careless driving…and the highest fine ive seen for careless driving is 30,000.

a cheap way to assassinate someone… Wairimu should have thought of this

Share one case here tuchambue, not heresay.

Unless one is intoxicated or under the influence…the charge is simply careless driving.
The example below is of a drunk matatu driver.

. The Appellant herein, Wilkinson Mwanjara Mwamburi, was tried and convicted by Hon E. M. Kadima, Resident Magistrate for the offence of causing death by dangerous driving contrary to Section 46 of the Traffic Act Cap 403 (Laws of Kenya). He was sentenced to servethree (3) years imprisonment and his driving licence cancelled for a period of three (3) years from the date of the hearing

Not sure if this is the latest traffic act, but it should shed some light.

Anyway I concur with you, on some judgements being way too linient…
Kindly check the example below.

Dilesh Sonchand Bid killed a pedestrian and injured two others at a zebra crossing one night on the Nairobi-Thika road. He was taken to court, pleaded guilty and was fined Sh105,000 for causing death by dangerous driving and being careless.
Prosecutors in the case were taken aback by the fine, which they considered too lenient and illegal. They appealed against the punishment, requesting that it be made more severe.
But Mr Justice Luka Kimaru saw nothing wrong with it. He said he would not enhance the fine because Mr Bid, who was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser, “did not cause the accident as a result of recklessness but rather as a result of momentary inattention and lack of judgement”. Neither did he suspend Mr Bid’s licence as requested by the prosecution.
The accident happened way back in October 2012

There you go. There are more examples across the internet of folks who were charged highly for similar offences.

I am thinking big bribes here for the lenient charges…

kuja inbox mdau

Makosa ni ya parliament. Boniface can sponsor a private members bill to amend the law.

Key word: accident - means there was no malice aforethought.

Seems a very easy way of killing someone is to knock him with a vehicle

Dangerous driving is the key word here…not accident.

Accident ni kuteleza na kuanguka.

Safaricom’s executive Sylvia Mulinge murdered 9 year old Mary Kusa Etale when driving drunk and escaped justice. In Kenya you get no justice if you’re poor. The trend started right from independence. The good thing is Mungu yupo.