Character is complex..

Mr A - He had friendship with bad politicians, consults
astrologers, two wives, chain smoker, drinks eight to 10
times a day.
Mr B - He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps till
noon, used opium in college & drinks whiskey every
Mr C - He is a decorated war hero,a vegetarian, doesn’t
smoke ,doesn’t drink and never cheated on his wife.
You would want Mr. C right?
Mr. A was Franklin Roosevelt
Mr. B was Winston Churchill
Mr .C was Adolf Hitler
Strange but true… It’s risky to judge anyone by his
habits ! Character is a complex phenomenon.


In almost every city in the US there is either a street, common place etc named after Roosevelt.

Comparison to our homegrown politicians. Ruto is “C” given an opportunity. I’m not advocating for people to drink alcohol, I have buddies that don’t lakini they have some extreme obsessions that are inexplicable.

We had Moi, a teetotler, see how brutual he was in his 24 years? Then came Kibaki the former drunk, smart as a whip. His first term will be eched into history.

Nice post.


Does the same hold for your “childhood friend”. Is this an attempt to vindicate yourself?

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how to kill a thread with a few words…

Unasema Penguin?:D:D:D

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