Character devolepment ni muhimu.


The Guys sounds ni kama anataka kulia bana.

Commenting the first comment on your thread ni kama kupiga nduthi


we have a dog together! ToJ

“We have lived together. We have a dog together”. Dafaq did I just listen to? Betas and orbiters should be shot on sight alongside single mothers.

99% of caucasian men huwa simps ile mbaya…

Kama ile simp Bahati imetombewa bibi na Willy P

orbiters ndio watu hukula Orbit ama ?

Hukaa na dem in the hope that Siku moja he will get an opportunity to be her soulmate ama apewe kuma kama hapewangwi.

nimekwama kwa ‘we have a dog together’ nikabaki kuzubaa…huyu is in a very deep and dark part of the simpshit valley tht’s inhabited by the fiercest vampires…i hope he gets out.

Uwesmake was just trolling


Hakuna cha Simp hapa. Just a good man who found himself with a hoe for a wife.

He will get someone who deserves him. Kuna jamaa alijifanya alpha meo and called me after I called his wife late hours demanding to know why I called.

Nilimshow pole and made sure I have cum deep inside his wife severally thereafter. Mahali ako najua anajiskianga ni ndume sana na hajui bibiye hundinywa nje.

Keep in mind that one day your girlfriend or wife atamwagiwa ndani na ndume ingine and she will enjoy it. Just pray you don’t catch a disease.

Unacheza mchezo mbaya panyaman.


You can’t force love

Handas imeshika?

It’s a jungle out here… you can feel the pain in his voice.

We have a dog together??? Tf is that shit?? I thought he said they had a a daughter together but then its a dog. Simps all over