Character development for baboon as gf leaves him for mzungu

Hawa ndio wasichana we need in Kenya not those who are paying fees for chimpanzees ni kama we ndio mamake. Pulls it. Mwanaume ukimpea anything free not more than 200 Bob, sitasema sumu juu ya Lent.

Fuatilia story madam. Fika YouTube pale Kwa comrade flavour huyu jamaa alikuwa amejitolea. Dem aliamua kuwachana na musungu. Anataka jamaa wake back.

She’s a fool if she let’s this chance go. And she will one day regret it. Rule number one of relationships for women is never go back to a man who knows that you have cheated on him, let alone humiliated him in public. She should move on to greener pastures. She can do better akiwa majuu.

She was planning to leave her Kenyan BF for a white man who was married before. Remember they were sweethearts and have two children so she is not special.
Besides, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Hapa angetupa mbao.

Her and Bello have 2kids?

Yes,the same way that Enigma will pump that your uterus with two kids before he dissappears into Karura forest