Chaos in VIP

My sources tell me that Anita, the new Big booty babe in VIP, is making the old guard jealous. Her body is really something and her clientele list is growing. She’s pretty high class to an extent, She has her own chocolate flavored condoms. She’s a bit expensive but I think its worth it. She’s very sweet. I had to ask for another round because I came in like two minutes. She has the kind of pussy that can get you in trouble. I’ll definitely be a regular client.

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Mbisha tuoshe macho mdau

Clever marketing. :D:D Elder umelipwa ngapi ku advertise hapa?

Coming in two minutes ,can be classified as disability ?ata comer tamu aje atleast 20minutes first shoti:D

Wacha pang’ang’a leta mbicha

Just sampled her again a few minutes ago:D
Condom nazo ni hio Kiss chocolate flavored

shes legendary huh?

Anakaa aje tusample pia

Then you’re not doing it right

Kwani umepeana questionnaires mdau?

Hii club VIP iko wapi I go for mine

hehe 1k imeenda in 2 minutes…

Hiyo Anita ni ile ilikuwanga Kericho East?

huyu ndio Anita…

Wale was 2 minutes pangeni like huku

Si mbaya hii

Sweetness *2 = 2000 in 4 mins …so sad

@Silverback83 ni pimp, weka picha na bei hapa.

Leo wanakijiji ni kusalimia tu. Pathetic.

Hakuna mtu anataka exclusivity. Am the only one banging that booty isn’t considered an achievement in this village.

Hi mali kubwa na kubwa imo wapi mkuu