Chanjo ya Korona (ResistShet)

Obviously, all these shenanigans are designed to make us queue and jostle for the coroanavirus vaccine when it is eventually ‘‘available’’. Of course, it is already available, but you have to subject people to all manner of inconveniences, so that when you ultimately ‘‘unveil’’ it, they are all for it. Question is, given the kinds of tactics that have been used to get people to accept it, will it be a good vaccine? Surely nothing good can come out of such evil methods.
In the meantime, it is safe to assume that by Chrismas time, we will be under so much inconvenience (just as was the case with Easter and Ramadan) that, as one mnazi lady recently told me, when the ‘vaccine’ eventually becomes available, people will be bribing to be vaccinated first [even after being told that they are being neutered in the process]. Doesn’t the 500 million people target stated in the Georgia Guidestones have to be attained somehow? How do you get the population to reduce from 7 billion to 500 million? Ditto the vaccine. Resist covid-19 shit. #BarringtonDeclaration. #ScientistsAgainstLockdown.

Lead us on path of GREATEST RESISTANCE…

Bill Gates has said there will be more pandemics like the coronavirus every decade or so. No wonder he has invested all these billions of dollars into vaccine research…

isn’t that a very long ad tedious process to go through to kill people?
why not just vaccinate the people you want to live, and release the killer virus into the air. or is that what is happening? (give the 500m original vaccines the rest, give fake ones, then release the vaccine)

and is the new world order or one with 500m people bad?

This thing is serious. I have seen it at work. People should be very careful.

I’ve been searching for a video I’ve only heard rumours about. In that video Henry “saitan” Kissinger is saying that the world population should be cut down by 95%. I can’t seem to even find the written down speech