Changing The Parents Name on Birth Cert

Anyone who knows the procedure?

You cant change. You can only add

Adopt the child and get court order.
Prove that one parent was not biological parent and seek deletion.
Corrupt officers have been sacked and arrested.

You are vague. Be a bit more specific

The person is an adult. The father and mother walikosana na sasa baba akaeweka jina na mama mwingine coz the wife didn’t want to communicate with the father. Shida ni all other govt documents have the real mother, only the birth cert has the name of the name of the fake mother

Just get an Affidavit from a recognized law firm or visit Sheria house.

Lawyer. Affidavit. Birth Notification. DNA etc. But wakubwa are understanding if he can prove his case

Y marry single mother?y subject urself to bastards who will later tell you that you aren’t our real dad at the same time pay upkeep?

Ulichukua bibi ya MTU na watoto wake watatu na unataka kubadilisha majina yao? Pambana na hali yako!

You mean your co-wife?

I was recently at at Hass Plaza for some birth cert changes for one of my small persons, it was a miss spelt name. I met a very angry fellow called Oduor. He was protesting that the father be removed from the birth cert coz he beat his mother or sth. The registrar alimwangalia tu na kuita security. It was a show. and finally ill give a proper hekaya juu that day was very interesting. Including some somalis with a fake birth cert copy requesting creation of a new one

Hehe. Hizi birth certificate za kuhongana can be tricky. Unaona hazifanani j
Kabisa na zile za set route.

Hass plaza iko na functions gani tofauti na Bishop House?

Ata sikuwahonga they corrected after asking me to come the next week ati system iko down. So I decided no hongo and they decided to scramble names order nikasema Bora ziko well spelt. So sijui difference ya hizo mbili. I did Hass plaza