Changing face of Afghanistan


Ogopa “the students of Islam” also known as the Taliban

If only you minded your business… that of sticking your index up the mcoosh and smelling …

Fagia kwako

I usually think Muslim men can’t seduce a free woman and that’s why they ensure their women have no rights or say in anything.

Plus they ensure no one else can have them.

So, it is your business?

Were you born through the anus?

Oh God, I forgot that it is not worthy arguing with you. Total waste of time.

I come from a worthy blood line

What’s with your obsession na mambo ya mcoondo?
Somalis mbona msiache madem wenyu wajirembeshe and dress how they want?

Thread closed.

It’s not closed mcooshite. Karibisha wageni kwenu upate maendeleo.

but Islam is the religion of the DEVIL from suicide bombs to kukandamiza our girls and women

If you visit a somali beach it can be easily mistaken for a homosexual beach. No lady in sight just swinging dicks playing with each other in the water

Cc @Binjwa Scrotum

When were u there trash picker

It’s the truth I was there in 2017

Knew you are a slave even before u answered

Stupidity of believing too much in islam, the most confused religion on earth

It is sad to see a person that one deems intelligent follow a religion.

Islam is the religion of Satan