Changieni Hapa Tafasari

Forget the oft-quoted reasons. Think out of the box if need be, and also don’t pull your punches.

Just help me answer this question:

[SIZE=4]Please help me answer this question for a project I am working on.


Because we don’t have money… idiot.!

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How come you say that and Africa has oil,gold,diamonds,good weather,a place you can invest as a foreigner bila issues among other good things

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Guys, just give me some ferkin answers! Wacheni this whataboutery…

  1. The unending Curruption
  2. Civil Wars and terrorism
  3. Education and the knowledge gap
  4. Health and poverty
  5. Geographical disadvantage
  6. International aid
  7. Unfair trade policies

Poor leadership
Brain drain


Forced to be in a foreign system with unusual standards.Our forefathers were rich with land,livestock,wives


Waah! Thanks. Please elaborate if you can.


elaborate on each sir. Kidogo tu!

I think there are many reasons. However, the most obvious one is lack of technical skills. Let me explain. A while back I was thinking of importing a machine. The problem is, I know what it does, but I don’t know how to operate it. Even if I knew, I would have to train people how to use it which takes time and money. So, even if you desire to get into manufacturing, the technical skills needed are scarce and too expensive. Most manufacturing startups cannot afford to hire skilled technical labor which is the main problem. As such, we are forced to stick to mainstream investments. How many chemical engineers are in Kenya? How many chemical engineers in Kenya know how to operate the machine? Can you afford paying a chemical engineer who knows how to operate the machine? Obviously not. Only the government can, but it won’t because it doesn’t care


Spot light at our intellectuals, they are the ones on top and capable of steering us out of this quagmire of poverty. Lakini wapi.


because africa is not rich,thats why its poor

We are losing professionals to the developed nations.

We are corrupt. Sigiri bridge is being constructed at 1.2 billion shillings. We all know that is a lie.

We do not want to sign real deals in exchange for our resources. We sign away our resources without getting its equivalent worth.

Worst ones is we have weak institutions. Easily manipulated by almost everyone, except the poor.


Munachezewa hapa naona.
I will contribute anyway.
We are not poor at all. If fact we are the richest continent in the world, full of natural resources that the whole world needs. Our population is not as high as some of the countries in the developed world so you cannot say we are poor because we are breeding like rats, NO.
We are poor because of our mentality. We lack originality. We want to live like the Western world man who has to cope with many natural challenges that Africa is fortunate enough not to have.
We have our ideas, but for them to come to fruition, we have to consult mzungu.
Poverty is all in our mindset, and until we change it, our 100th generation will be experiencing the same problems we are experiencing today!
Tafakali hayo Old G.
drops mic again!


Ulipona prostate Cancer?

[SIZE=7]Are we poor?[/SIZE] Whose yardstick are we using, ours or the capitalism one? Because as far as I know my great grandpa didn’t have a car, a mansion or KQ shares but he was considered rich, because he had over 200 cows,1000 goats and four wives.


simple…we were left behind as a dark continent when evolution and industrialization was going on due to slavery excluding Egypt…we are trying to catch up with the rest of the developed countries

Cult of personalities and spectator politics.

We vote in leaders based on their abilities to manipulate people instead of ideas and somehow expect them to form policies to benefit us instead of themselves. We have allowed leaders to turn the calling to a stage of clowns and jesters and we clap at their insults and go home to sleep with empty stomachs while our futures lie submisively in their bellies.

We approch politics the same way we approach premier league games with an attitude of being spectators and not players. We have allowed politicians to devide us in groups and pit us against each other. In reality, the politicians are the spectators and we are the game.

Hypernomalization: W have seen so mic crazy shi.t happening in this country we have decided to tune it out. We have built defensive mechanisms againt the reality of the mess that is our continent and leadership we just forget and move on.

Our justice systems do not work at all and will never work.

But most importantly, Africa has failed because of people with small penises.


Tafuta term papers za Economics 101. Mayai za @Deorro saidi hii mzee.

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What about adopting technology that is a few decades old, for instance , we know that , by the time WWII started; The 3rd Reich was food sufficient.
What if we adopt the technology that this Guys used, then down the line develop it suit our needs.
Technology being old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ineffective.