Changed battery now low idle rpm

I changed my car battery yesterday and now the car has a very low rpm when on idle and makes the car shake a bit and sometime even goes off.
I gather it has something to do with ECU resetting after unplugging battery and hence the ECU needs to relearn it’s old parameters.
Is there a way to hasten that process ama I just give it time?
Car is a Toyota fielder 2008.

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The charging system could be faulty. Did you by any chance remove the battery with the vehicle still running?

No battery was dead so car couldn’t start replaced with new.

Happened once. Try running your engine at 2000rpm for 5 min while the car is stationary then keep driving it for a while. Memory comes back somehow. I don’t know the science behind it.


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The charging system could be faulty, solution hapa ends kwa mtu WA wiring labda ata hio battery ulitoa pia iko fiti its just that it couldn’t recharge

Your battery didnt fail. your alternator probably did. rpm? memory loss change affects windows, radio, locks, and sometimes CEL and such. Mtu hakimbiangi kutoa battery hivi hivi unless its more than 2.5 years old.

kawaida thing. after replacing, or even removing battery, there is a model specific way of letting the ecu re-learn. on subaru it is usually weka on 2 times(do not crank). crank on the third on. let it idle for 2 minutes. switch off, start engine again and be on your way.
research on your model

Was actually thinking of changing this also.
Any place you know I can get a genuine one at reasonable price? Don’t tell me Toyota kenya.

have the alternator tested first. usikimbie kununua vitu. anywhere where they sell second hand or where the mechanic recommends. If you can get parts from relatively new insurance salvages too. mpya achana nayo.

Sawa asante sana

Did you by any chance buy a bigger battery - by big i mean capacity.

Nope same capacity battery.