change of "guard"

That monment you wonder if you are going to use your private car or company car after they changed your driver… From a lady driver, careful, humorous, mature etc to a male driver, with serious accent, with a funny looking skin, Carelesss, with a poor breaking distance…and poor judgement on the road.

Better be alone.

you are

shallow and petty

he is your driver not model or kisafisha mecho. his aesthetics are neither here nor there on the wider scheme of things

I know I’ve asked this before but why do you need a driver ? You live in back of beyond Naivasha.

Does it mean drivers should be… Lets say, low lives???

I traverse this county and beyond

is the funny skin and accent his own making?

He must have been born that way and the accent acquired in his environment while growing up.

there are MPs with funny skin and accents and they are not low lifes.

low lifes…low lifes!!

LOL a married man noticing the type of skin of his fellow man and making it an issue. Bye

Hehehe. You should have left it at his driving skills.

So the first driver was a woman,to quote you, a lady?
And you are here wonderfully wondering why the new male driver seems like the devil incarnate?

Saa hii ni ujinga gani unaandikia kenya mzima this early?

Hebu fungua an instagram account upeleke hizi flossmode zako za upuzi huko!

Ule admin wa mafeelings anakuwanga huko pia. U can catch up and discuss the new shades of lipstick in town. Mbissh!!!

Wonderfool,You are one mean fool kama wale huenda lunch na kuacha driver parking lot pale kamakis Ama kikopey…ati Sababu pia yeye ako na salary yake.

:D:Dacha niekeshe nyama

Hehe this will not end well…lakini if I may ask, are you the boring kind who need to be cheered up every other time? do you ever do the cheering? DO you always wait for others to make your life fun and cheerful?

That is your employee, make his life cheerful atleast!

hehe why should a whole regional manager go out of his way to cheer up a “low life” driver with an accent?

Wonderfool Congratulations,you never cease to amaze us!One or two questions though?Do you by any chance reside within the high wall on Naivasha maximum security something?Are you a member of the primate congregation within Hell Gates national park?

Probably farts a lot in the car and asks the "lowlife " why the Air-con doesn’t always seem to be working…


I’m sure he was trained on defensive driving by making himself as repulsive as possible asikamuliwe mkia!