Change My View

There are two types of travelers: business travelers and leisure travelers.

In this post, I am referring exclusively to leisure travelers, not people who travel for work or business.

Am I the only person who thinks it is unwise to half-a$$ a trip if you are travelling for leisure? Shouldn’t you have a list of experiences that are not available locally which you must experience to make the trip worth it??

I will give you an example. What’s the point of travelling to a place like Dubai for a holiday on a mediocre budget?? Remember, I’m not discussing business travelers and employees here.

Yet I see many middle class people wakijichocha wanaenda Dubai only to be holed up in a cheap 2 star hotel with a pool and gym. The only thing they do is watch skyscrapers, ride camels, and walk on deserts. Don’t forget the selfies for flexing on Instagram. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but is it worth f*cking off thousands of dollars for??

Here’s what I think happens because I have met some of these people who travel to Dubai for “leisure” but with a peasant budget. All they do is blow money on experiences that can be had locally, and then return to Kenya a few hundred thousand lighter, realizing they just played themselves.

I’m a big advocate of travel. If you have the money, go for it. In my view, its the people who half-a$$ the trip (middle class setting standards) who end up regretting the most. They spend hundreds of thousands without getting any unique experiences out of the holiday destination. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on hot air balloons in Masai Mara than be holed up in a run down hotel in Dubai??

If you want a memorable trip, at least be willing/able to spend on the highlight experiences of that destination, or else don’t go and save your money. Change my view.

Kimenyi with another of his garbage takes…

What are these experiences you are talking about that need huge budgets ?

Kupanda roller coaster ama ?

People travel for food and culture na hauhitaji pesa nyingi vile unaifanya ikae…

Long time ago, I once randomly packed my bags, went to Kampala and stayed in an Airbnb … I ate street food, took alcohol in dingy joints with new friends and fucked lanyes at a cost of less than 50k for the entirety of the trip

According to bwana kimenyi logic, that was a useless trip because hizo ni vitu ningefanyia Kenya…

Oya! you sound like a very bitter key-hey who has not gotten the opportunity to travel. Travelling is merely about spending money as much as it is

immersing in other cultures, food and way of life. You actually do not need a lot of money to enjoy travelling. You don’t need to stay in Ritz Carlton

or Dorchester to feel like you have experienced another country. In fact, the opposite, is where the gems lie. I guess this lack of travelling is what

contributes to your myopic perspective, jaribu kuenda hata Nanyuki na public means my fren.

I know that I’ve hit a raw nerve when people start by talking :meffi::meffi: instead of making their argument.

Shida ya @Azor Ahai is viewing the world though warped unreal perspective. He has watched too many aandrew Tate-esque videos ya billionaires in yachts, and has now been believes that any other experience that aint on lar with what he’s seen isnt worthy. Listen, even just getting on Tahmeed bus, travelling to Mombasa and getting back the next day counts as a travelling experience and can be very therapeutic. Boy better change your attitude otherwise you gonna have a very hard time maneuvering life ata unaza jiua. No way you can appreciate life’s little beauties kama uko na ujinga kama yako.

But of course. No other view matters except yours. Wewe naona ukikufa very soon na post mortem itasema bitterness is the cause of your death.

brown man machungu juu ya a raha za mtu ni ya nini. Mtu ameenda Dubai na wheelbarrow amefurahia. wewe enda na private jet kwa raha zako. ama hii ni lightskin problems?

This thread title is very misleading. There is a higher chance of pulling a monkey out of your ass than changing your view

But sasa ukiangalia life hivyo utawahi enjoy kitu kweli? Whatever product or experience you can think of, there will always be a pricier, more exclusive option. Uki-afford 5 star hotel, kuna 7 star hotel huwezi fikia. Hata kwa hio 5 star hotel you’ll still feel like a peasant coz you can’t afford the presidential suite. Wakati unakuwa chauffered na Mercedes, kuna mwingine amelipia limited edition Rolls Royce. You’ll always feel like you’re missing out instead of enjoying the moment.

Circle gets the square! I’ve been thinking of doing something close to what this guy does. I’m thinking Rwanda or SA.

From your post, I can tell you’ve never been to Dubai.

How do I know that? Because you think going to watching skyscrapers, ride camels, and walk on deserts on Dubai will cost thousands of dollars.

Ungekuwa umeenda Dubai, ningelewa perspective yako. But hii yako ni biased projection.

It’s like someone you know went to Dubai on a holiday, sasa umeanza kuskia ka-waru ati “hakuna haja ya kuenda Dubai on a peasant budget”.

This is a perfect example of the half a$$ing I’m talking about. Some people (you) are impressed by mediocrity but luckily I’m not most people.

Jambojet is cheap, why would I waste many hours in the blazing sun inside a bus looking at dry land outside the window?? There is nothing entertaining on that road worth talking about.

My point is simple. If you want to go on holiday, at least spend enough to make the trip worth it. Have a list of activities or experiences that you must complete to consider the trip a success, preferably those that you cannot have back home. Lastly, I did not say you need millions for any type of travel…hiyo ni nyinyi mmejijazia.

Okay. How much does it cost for a round trip of two flying to Dubai on Economy Class tickets?? That alone exceeds $1000. That’s why I avoid engaging low IQ bonobos like you.

Unaona? You’ve never travelled past Githurai.

Dubai economy class round trip for two can be cheaper than 1,000 USD.

Traveling to Dubai is not a big deal. In fact, you’re more likely to spend more in Maasai Mara than in Dubai.

But that’s not the point. I personally think that any destination has a minimum budget where below that you won’t experience enough of it to justify the trip, and it doesn’t have to be millions.

I will give you a simple example. Assume that I pay for your air ticket to Mombasa and give you pocket money of 5k. You do not have any money personally. Would you take the deal?? I personally wouldn’t because I know that 5k is too low of an amount to purchase an experience that’s worth the trip. On the other hand, if I gave you 50k, it would be worth it.

Round trip of 2 people economy class to cost less than $1000?? Yeah right…you don’t say.

These bunch of youtuber really inspired me to travel more, checkout bald and bankrupt. Lakini mdau, i think these guys only survive juu they are completely fearless and caucasian. Guys casually move around places like Haiti and Cartel land in South America kama games

SO what the point of the title of the thread if you already have a stand? I understand where you’re coming from but you seem to have some high degree of love towards money and not experiences. given millions of dollars you’d be as hollow as dan bilzerian

You will never have enough ! just go nishwai jichocha found myself in europe went to different countries with a shoe string budget had the time of my life , nothing fancy played everything by ear ,shit just happened had a great time. Uki kaa Kenya useme u will travel when u have 20m in the account hautawai toka mungetho !

Okay. Now, elaborate exactly what you did to have the time of your life on a shoestring budget in Europe. You might change my view.