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Guys , I need your advice here . I did Computer Science in Campus and I am working in a Financial Institution as a Systems Admin and they pay me gross. 100k but this job is not what I like . I am a farmer and thus I want to transition from the office to the farm but still nikulie hii masomo. What do you think is the best thing to do here , with the fears of losing an income ya salo and the like. Its so draining being in an office doing a job you don’t like.


Acha nikuitie guru of all things mydog @Gaines to slap you with wisdom

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Tell them that you want to work from home. You only come to sort urgent issues. At a lower salary of 50k.

They can’t brother.

Bro si ujilazimishe tu kwa hio job yako ya 100K you save as much as you can ukijipanga story ya farming?

You studied CS for God’s sake and you work as a system admin. Get a real software engineering job and 5 time that salary.

What you need is a proper job. Your peers who studied CS are making 500k as software engineers in Nairobi.

I guarantee you that if you get such a job you won’t think about hanging out with goats and cows on the daily. Mbuzi wewe!

There you go again

6M gross per year is peanuts for a commercial farmer.

My average monthly income from the farms is more than 6M by far.

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On this farming note…i have some acres in kieni i was given by my father me being his only son…I’m thinking of planting marijuana and giving it to a pal of mine to manage and handle the village chief and wazees since life ime mgonga and he is already selling the stuff uko ocha kwao…i just be handling the bribery stuff na kumtoa ndani akishikwa ye ana grow anauza ki wholesale and retail…is this a viable biz vumbistanians

Ambia huyu Ngity ya mutu

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I would advise utafute kazi yenye Iko in line with what you studied. Farming can be done as side hustle.

Farming? Unless large scale.

Am sure you meant @applebee100 …hes the kijiji software engineer