Chances of Jubilee's NDC being an "earthquake"?

No it wont , Jubilee’s earthquake would be nothing more than a fart , here’s why

1: Its clear by now Ruto beat them to it and caught them of guard.

2: They will be relaunching Odinga as flag bearer for the 27th time and wont hold any weight.

3: It will just be a waste of money of they endorce someone else.

4: All their coalitions are government sponsored briefcase parties with no sole purpose but Ruto affairs.

5: Kenyans are tired with politics of deceit and conmanship , they want economic solutions and Ruto already drives that narrative full force

na wakisema wapea vijana kazi ya maana sio wheelbarrow

Maybe they give out oranges instead of wheelbarrows

Ruto had also “beat” jubilee kwa BBI only for 99% of the counties to pass BBI and also bunge and senate. Hii kuropokwa that he has numbers is also hot air.

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[SIZE=7]Ruto Faces Impeachment After BBI Loss[/SIZE]

President Uhuru Kenyatta allies have renewed impeachment calls for Deputy President William Ruto, a day after the National Assembly passed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, May 7, Majority Leader and Kipipiri MP - Amos Kimunya - warned Ruto that he will be kicked out of government unless he toes the line and respects President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kimunya argued that Uhuru’s camp has the requisite numbers to eject the DP from office as. This was after 235 out of 320 MPs voted for the BBI bill on May 6.

"Those who have been promised wheelbarrows in future must read the mood. The ground is solidly behind the President.


Kneejacking reaction. Jubilee with its now remaining 7 leaders. Scratch that even those 7 disagreed among themselves over gov loot to host RAT in Nyeri. The last 2-3 jubilee leaders will endorse RAT making that ticket complete toxic in elections. Remember tuju realising funds to print jubilee poster with fictitious candidates after NIS reported to jayden that jubilee has one poster in the country of any candidate. Imagine a former national party looking for kibichoo blogger to put their portraits in jubilee colours as make believe candidates. :D:D:D The HQ is an echo chamber and nobody wants to ran under them. The fall from grace has being stunning. So everyone is now awaiting jayden to slumber from his hangover in Mombasa state house and give consent plus money for this NDC. Its a poor attempt of reaction. However they don’t gave a choice, Earthquake has forced issues and alignments. Everyone has to make final decisions.

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