Champions League semi finals

Bayern v Real Madrid and PSG v Dortmund
After doing away with the pretenders, real football starts tonight. Mko nyuma ya nani wadau? Am betting Bayern has many haters in here :laughing::grin:
I personally prefer Dortmund or PSG, we have a new champion

PSG vs Real Madrid hopefully in the final… alafu Ndembele na Mbappe wapeleke okombe Paris.


Madrid should not win this, Harry Kane and Gnabry
needs to do something urgently

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Okombe ni ya real, champions league iko na wenyewe

okombe ni ya real madrid. hiyo ni kama ni yao tu.

Kuna ka ukweli, wouldn’t rule them out. Alafu hao ndio deep state ya football. Same way Man city ndio deep state pale EPL. Have you seen the referee scandal involving the referee who denied arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool clear penalties or other game changing decisions which were so clear? He’s called Oliver. The guy was invited to referee a tournament as a free agent in UAE and from then on…anacheza kama yeye


Kwani dstv 223 haionyeshi f*ck


Yaani umelipia DSTV na hauoni game.
Sadness of life.
Na vile Bayern wanakimbiza Real?

Sisi tuko on Kodi 21.0 Omega…

Una watch wapi mdau

Angalia SS variety

Niko tnt sports daddylive

Chonjo Mdau.
Hope you have updated Kodi from version 20.5 Nexus to Version 21.0 Omega
Much better.
Am also on TNT sports on Tvone.

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Vinny amefunga

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The atmosphere at Allianz is ecstatic.

2-2. Hii real watabeba

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At this point Madrid is just another thing. They can never let the trophy slip off between their fingers. 2-2 FT at Alianz Arena. Surely Madrid is lifting it again for the 15th time. No doubt.

Borussia might knock out PSG. They’re just too good. PSG got lucky to get past Barcelona after hiyo red card in the early minutes.

My prediction final Ni Madrid vs Dortmund

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That Kroos pass to Vinny :fire::fire:


How fast is your internet?

20mbps safcom fibre silver package.

Even bronze can work well when no other gadgets are connected.

My 10mbps almost always works just fine, lakini jana TNT HD ilikuwa inaleta noma sana time ya game 4 ya Celtics na Heat.