Champion gone too soon: RIP Kelvin Kiptum

The legend is gone. RIP Champion Kelvin Kiptum.

Was planning on watching all his upcoming races especially with the goat. Sad and disappointing

Ah that’s sad. Was destined to challenge Kipchoges numbers. He already had 2 world records at 24.
Gone too soon.


Some stars shine too bright


No way the king of the jungle would have allowed the upcoming juvenile male lion to take over the pride.


Wtf! Man this is sad. He was going to be the new GOAT kwa mbio. So young, so talented. May his soul rest in peace.

Yeah was also looking forward to them going head to head…

Was he driving a Prado?!

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We know who didn’t want to be challenged


Will Kipchoge come out and send condolences…!

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I called it in December. There was more than business rivalry in these 2


What happened wadau. Nimekuwa reserve

It was predicted, the evil forces have acted to preserve their chosen one

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was he drunk ama??? doesnt make sense and was there a soft meat in the car as well

Terrible news. RIP champion. Let’s see if Kipchoge will send any condolence message, now that he was unable to send him a congratulatory message when he broke his world record

He was with his coach who was also killed in the same accident.

Extremely terrible news. Very sad…

The same Rwandan coach who got him racing abroad. Noma sana.

Yes, there was a soft meat who survived, Sharon Kosgey

He already send his condolences.

About congratulating him, let us not speculate because these guys spend time together uko kwa training camp. They could have had some personal beef or the congratulation was passed verbally to Kiptum.