Chakula safi ya kijana uwesmake.

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Kijana Mbukusu usiogope, hii mboga ni size yako. Hii imewekwa spesheli just for you navy seal. Don’t by shy.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=7]Meet The Kenyan Man Who Is More Beautiful Than Most Women[/SIZE]
Nov 24, 2020 2:33 PM

Most people would look at these photis and think that this is a lady. From the use of make up to dressing and all, he looks nothing like a man. His name is Dennis Karuri.
He is a young man with a talent in art. He discovered his talent long ago and has and continues to use it daily to earn money and fame.

Dennis Karuri is a common figure on instagram. He is widely known by those who love social media.
He is a make up artist. He is one of the best in the country.
He does perfect make up hence attracting very many celebrities.
If you checked his instagram, you would notice most of his clients are kenyan celebrities.
He does a great job and this is worth appreciating.

Dennis Karuri markets his brand by doing extreme make up for his face.
Once he does the make up and goes as far as wearing a wig, he looks so much like ladies, a very beautiful one for that case.
If you like Dennis kindly leace your comments in the comments section below.


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On a side note, I think that @uwesmake prefers design kama hii

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Naskia pesa yao itapitia kwa yule daughter wa Kihika Kimani straight from Biden’s knickers. Hamtapumua tena.

Ati atia? Huyu ni tree holder? Jiiiiiisas:oops::oops:
So,hivi ndio @T.Vercetti hufanana. Wueh! wueh! wueh!

Maliza that Bukusu cashier :D:D:D:D

Kuna difference ya gaaay na tranny?

Eti he does the perfect makeup yet he fails in the very basic foundation of make up: foundation

Foundation missmatch in all those photos… KYS is a fundamental concept (Know Your Skin)

But seriously, how you found this to be a serious thing to post to the world screams GAAAAY mister Vaileti

@uwesmakende asharuka inbox

umbwa akileta mdufuste mimi na Mmunya

Kwani wewe ni mwanamke mpaka unajua details za makeup?

This is a woman caught up in the body of a man. He should just go for sex change.


Enyewe hii info ulitoa wapi? Not unless umefanya kazi salon ama tv industry as a makeup artist. Know your skin… :D:D

Ama umeuza makeup hapo isilii??



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Ata wewe ukianika kundu tunambea nayo …nayoh nayoh …very fast


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