Chairman Mao Zedong...

Kwa history buffs This week I have been watching documentaries from the communist era. So far these are great .

  1. Josef Stalin in colour
  2. Ho chi Minh trail
  3. Mao Zedong in colour

Now ladies and gentlemen this old geezer was a piece of work. The chairman of the communist party and founding father of people’s republic of China had poor hygiene practices for starters he disliked taking baths and when asked he replied that the numerous underage girls he had sex with would cleanse him! Whenever he travelled the hosts would go to great lengths to ensure that he had abundance of young girls to keep him entertained a fact that saw him contract STI’s. He never brushed teeth either and his liking for green tea made his lower teeth discoloured and rot, he concealed this by ensuring that he kept his mouth closed all the time and little or no smilling. Finally forget the communist bullshit he had a taste for finer things in life whenever he travelled all planes would be grounded if using air or trains grounded when using the rail !


si mao tse tung


hapo kwa teeth alisema a tiger never brushes its teeth


Hehe…kdf tuekee rink ya izo documentaries hapa.


weka summary ya josef stalin…all i know alikua badass

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Huyi mseh alikua mzii…kama aliweza Hitler mwenyewe


Guy was a piece of work, the only positive thing he did for China was do away with the feudal land ownership. Afterwards he became insecure in his position, esp. when brighter younger guys had different ideas on the direction the country should take. Several lost their lives hivi


We could do with a dirty dictator these shores.

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Tales of Ba Sing Se.


Which is your tribe?


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mcoooshte unasumbua sasa,na in the offing is a ban,tafakari hayo

Ziko YouTube but hio ya ho chi Minh niliona BBC iPlayer using a VPN.

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Pia mimi niliskia hii

Succeeded Vladimir lenin
Close to 2million Russians died under his watch due to starvation
Wife committed suicided
Son was captured as a pow
He defeated hiltler and captured his field marshal alive something that was rare those days he refused to exchange him for his son.
Even though credited with defeating hilter ,snow played a key role you just don’t attack Russia during winter!
Died an agonizing death after suffering for two days since doctors were afraid of treating him lest you be killed for misdiagnosis!


He banished his nemesis into Taiwan due to ideological differences something that continues to date!

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You mean benevolent one?


Yaani uliona docu nzima ya Mao and all you took away was hii udaku ya personal hygiene and preferences? :confused::confused:

Si ungewatch series tu ama weather forecast.


Did anyone force you to read “hii udaku?”

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2 Million Russians???
More like 20 million to be precise!!
In Eastern Ukraine alone(which has a Russian ethnic majority) more than 10 million Russians and Ukrainians died in the artificial famine that the Soviets engineered in the 1930s.
In Kazakhstan, the Kazakh population(granted, it was small, barely a million in the 1930s) fell by half.
Little wonder Russians(who were an overwhelming majority in North and East Kazakhstan and native to the two regions) found themselves a majority even in South and West Kazakhstan where unlike the North, they were not native to the region(even today Almaty is 33% Ethnic Russian and it is in the Southern part of Kazakhstan) in the 1950s.
Russians were even 40% of Kazakhstan’s population as recent as 1991 and even today are 25% of the country’s population and are still a majority in North Kazakhstan where they are native to the rigion(East Kazakhstan has a Kazakh majority today as the Kazakh president built Astana there for fear that both it and North Kazakhstan would Secede to Russia in the 90s)
Stalin depopulated Central Siberia of its agricultural population and litterally purged Russia of millions of dissidents. Ethnic tribes that opposed him were often deported entirely, all of them , to remote regions of the USSR.Today, there are more Crimean Tartars in Uzebekistan than in Crimea and there are half a million Koreans in Kazakhstan because of Stalin. Stalin also deported the Chechens to Siberia and Central Asia in 1944 though they were allowed to go back in 1953.
Russia has always had a large German population (Russian Royalty has always been part German ) from the Catherine the Great era.Stalin decided to deport the Kalingrad Germans en masse to Central Asia. Only the Volga Germans were spared.
Until 1991 over 2 million Germans lived in Central Asia.Around half a million still live there.Of all places, Kyrgyzstan has a large German population.In a rural setting.Same to Kazakhstan.
Mao Tse Sung killed over 20 million Chinese via starvation in his so called Cultural Revolution.
Pol Pot hated Urbanites.He ordered all urbanites to go farm the countryside.
SMH.For all the atrocities that left wing communits commited(even in Africa;Think Obote, Mengisitu,Said Barre. All civil wars in Central America from Guatemala to Colombia were by left wing communist admirers), why do people like demonizing Nazis???
These guys make Nazis look angelic!!! Stalin practically rearranged the ethnic map of the USSR.We now have a Jewish Autonomous region in Russia that borders China and is closer to the Pacific than to any city with a Jewish population in Europe or the Middle East!!He practically wrote the ethnic cleansing book!!
Mao showed us brainwashing of hundreds of millions is is real and possible and you do not need a machine to do so!!And people say Trump???


Insightful thanks