chai ndufya

This hekaya has a lesson attached, "Gari sio frame, bali ni Engine ", that being said i’ll dive right into the happenings…
When i was a senior in high school our then principal would stress almost as if begging us to work hard since the best and most beautiful ladies were to be found in campus… Hiyo kwangu ilikuwa motivation tosha, my friend i ate books, hoping i would be amongst the select few that would reach this promised heaven… I wasn’t a natural genius But i was not a danda either so i figured the more hard work i put in Increased my odds of making the cut. I would pay maximum attention to the teacher in class since i figured i grasped more content this way rather than try to read more on my own, that meant, to me dawn and preps were a waste of time since wapende wasipende i’d always sleep through these periods. Hapo ndio nilikuwa nachukua power nap.
I was excited when the results came and true to the proverb hard/smart work Pays. Mimi huyo, i had already planned and worked out in my mind how i was going to enjoy my vaccay in campus… Yaani the momos, the 1gbs the dark and fair i wouldnt descriminate… I was going to enjoy my Hard earned visa to Canaan.
Then it happened, the day of orientation, my eyes could not believe what they saw, perfect creatures that Had Previously only visited me in dreamland right there standing and breathing the same air as me… Viumbe vyenye maumbile na Makalio mazuri. This was paradise i had no intention of graduating anytime soon.
Then came the classes, huku ndio nilijua the difference btw those that went to school and those like me that survived school, the accents and eloquence, the confidence in presenting and carrying out themselves made me look down on myself with the little Engluo that escaped my lips, but somehow all this did not deter or derail me from my original mission, come what may I was to Ponyoka with at least one of these beauties. So I went to the drawing board, operation “winda kipepeo” was launched, the boom(helb loan) I had receive Was my secret weapon, I partnered with a senior who happened to be an ex school mate who had access to ‘wheels’ An old Cream peugot 504 that belonged to his uncle who rarely used it. I fueled the rusty motor car and it coughed it’s way through the alley. We went to the hunting grounds which was the freshers night where I easily passed as a senior. I preyed on a damsel that I had marked earlier as a potential project. She was oblivious of my mischief which was perfect for me. We had a couple of drinks and danced the night away, time flew and soon it was time to drop her off, I whispered to my pal to pass me the keys to the ride Which he obliged and soon we were cruising with my new catch, just like 500metres to her hostel we parked so we could have a word or two before we would part ways. Kumbe all this while I thought I was the predator I was the prey coz no sooner had I turned off the ignition than she pounced on me like a tigress. We made out as she frantically pulled at my trousers as if possessed by the Dini ya Musambwa spirit. I froze in shock not knowing what to do, I played to her tune and cooperated to the maximum after all who was I to deny her the D?? Wacha apewe… It wasn’t long before the old peugot swang side to side making noises not known to its model. I must admit it wasn’t what I expected because soon I shot my load faster than my normal rounds but heck it was
The first of many more to come…
She adjusted her bra and her dress towed up the stairs. I watched as she switched on the lights to her cube and drove back to my pal with the widest grin possibly.


Naona bado Engluo inaleta shida but usiogope good hekaya keep them coming

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Panga familia kwanza

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Sawa sawa ndugu

I can see there was lots of sugar in your tea…why claim it was ndufya…


Boxer tingz…

Just a wait @kush yule mnono, vile atasema kuhusu hekaya

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Hekaya iko timam

Thank you

Ako wapi, hajafika bado?

Nice Hekaya. Storo bonus

Atakuja, anakamua ngamia za Abdala!

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Hehe hebu naatuletee maziwa haye!

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@stealthquest welcome to the hekaya club. Hekaya iko sawa, paragraphs pia ni muhimu. Keep them cumming

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I’ll sort that out in my next piece…

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Hekaya iko chonjo. Fanya vile Kush Baddy amesema hapo juu

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