Chadian Fighter Jet Mistakenly Fires Missile While On The Ground Killing 5

Video: Chadian Fighter Jet Mistakenly Fires Missle While On The Ground Killing 5

In a bizarre and tragic accident, a Chadian Air Force Su-25 parked at the Adji Kossei airbase fired a missile that struck an empty fuel truck, zoomed by a French C-130 Hercules transport plane and hit a house, killing 5 civilians.
A surveillance camera video of the incident has leaked online, showing the exact moment the missile was fired, apparently accidentally, as the fighter jet was being prepared for takeoff, according to local media.

The missile burst through an empty fuel tanker truck and flew within meters of a wingtip of a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, both allegedly belonging to the French armed forces deployed in Chad as part of the counter-terrorism Operation Barkhane.

The stray projectile eventually hit a house in the vicinity of Adji Kossei (Fort Lamy) airbase in N’Djamena, the capital and largest city of Chad, killing at least five civilians, including three children.

Prosecutors launched a probe into the incident, while some reports alleged the destroyed house belonged to a top Chad army officer and was located next to the French-led operation headquarters.

Yaani even shithole Chad can afford SU-25s, na sisi huku tunang’ang’ana na F-5 za 1970s, na sijui modified Cessnas.

Fighting terrorists they fund through proxies.

Sometimes i think these partnerships with the west hold us down when it comes to arming ourselves…
we are better armed in some sectors compared to our neighbors… but when it comes to jet fighters, MLRs , artillery we could do better if we looked towards Russia…

Another area we are really sabotaging ourselves is armed drones… right now DOD should be operating armed drones - home made…

F-5 and SU-25 are from the same era.

F-5 is light attack and reconnaissance jet.

SU-25 is a attack, ground assault, ground support jet.

Both designed in the 1960’s and entered service in the 1970’s.

However you are right that the foxbat SU-25 is probably a better jet. Fully armoured and that’s why its called a jet tank. Armed with many rockets and a slot for aircraft guns. It was feared in Afghanistan. Its upgraded version destroyed ISIS in Syria and any army will be glad to have them as air cover as they fly slow, low and not afraid to take enemy fire. Its weapons range is deadly against the enemy. Russia had previous decided to retire its SU-25 fleet progressively but changed mind after Syria as it performed well against western missiles system provided to ISIS. SU-25 pilots love it, they get back to base and they see all the hits it took. Still flew just fine on mission and back to base. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. After Syria they have decided to modernize it. Same armour body, new avionics suite, electronic warfare suite, radars and weapons. It will now remain in service until 2045.

Guys consider this… One needs to realise that when buying a fighter jet one needs to factor the cost of running it. The F5 as old as it is, is the Land Cruiser (Kama Ile ya Polisi) of fighter jets… It’s running cost per hour is very low, it is critically acclaimed in terms of dog fight manuverability and capability (remember dog fights are more about agility than speed), Is capable of landing on a murrum “runway”, has a short take off distance, is known to have survived hits during dog fights, it’s simple airframe can survive metal fatigue for dog years, is very easy to maintain and can be upgraded to challenge any 4th generation fighter jet comfortably yet it costs roughly US$3500 to run per hour… Compare this with the list below per hour… Wacheni mchezo bana …:D[ATTACH=full]298314[/ATTACH]

france imeenda kuiba nini chad… everytime you see france in africa , jua there’s some real corrupt sh*t going down …

its still no reason to be running vietnam war era planes, the Kenyan version of f-5 will likely crash on its own just by the looks,doesn’t look safe to fly at all except during public holidays at the great risk of civilians. Now they want to upgrade to air tractors and Cessna caravans,gentlemen there is no hope for our kenya airforce,thats why al-Shabab are still going to continue fighting us and no respect from surrounding countries!

There’s not even a drive to be self sufficient in weaponry in Africa. Only SA courtesy of Whites there has an indigenous weapons programme.
Kenya UG and TZ if they joined forces and devoted a huge chunk of their defense budgets to producing weapons tunaweza kua mbali sana.

Our F-5 are just fine. 17 in number after others were bought from Jordan. We also bought those not flying to get spares and parts cheaply. The only good thing with usa is that they upgraded them for us. Its just the body but everything else was upgraded. Engines, avionics suite, radars and electronic countermeasures. Even that body was serviced to keep it flying for another decade.

F-5 are still the main training platform for NASA pilots in usa. Fast, agile and can take sharp turns while handling G forces well. Besides why would Kenya Airforce be in a hurry for new jets. Whom are we going to Dog fight with? Uganda or Ethiopia? Tanzania has 1950 1st generation jets. Our two most crucial allies Uganda and Ethiopia? Uganda need us for all their exports/imports. Forget Dogfights, close the border and war halts. We both lose but their suffer worse by economic shutdown. Tz route doesn’t have the capacity to replace us. Ethiopia is the only country Kenya has a defense pact to protect each other in case either country is in the verge of losing a war. If Egypt attacks Ethiopia and they are overwhelmed they can call us for back up even if it means we secure territory in their country so that the move all troops to war duties away from the country.

Our Air force duties is mostly surveillance, patrols and securing our air space. The F-5 and the other missile defense systems we have can do that. Most worrisome is unknown small propeller planes entering our airspace. Germany has 40 eurofighter jets. Only 3 are on standby for immediate use. The other 37 are in long term storage only flown on fixed timelines to keep the engines and electronics within service limits. They are the 4th biggest economy in the world.

What KDF needs is a close air support aircraft. F-5 don’t do that. Too fast to attack mobile troops on the ground. usa air force and KAF picked the militarized airtractor which they themselves are considering with 3 other platforms as their future CAS aircraft for usa army & marines. We were to buy 14 and mince alshabab each time they try attacking KDF bases in Jubbaland or anywhere in our border. After some loud noise it got senate approval in DC for the sale. We didn’t firm up that order. Very puzzling. Unless we did and we are not informed. The other option is actually buying this SU-25 jets. Cheap to buy, cheap to operate, cheap to maintain as parts/spares are cheap as well and lastly cheap to arm. Russian design bureau famously build easy planes to fly, integrate complex avionics into easy to use interface and make sure it actually a step advance against its western counterparts rival jets in the same category. Pilot training is easier and upgrading to different planes is fluent.

Wow! Spelt out like a Sage!!! … Asante @spear


Wow. You take me to class every day

Good analysis. However, Tanzania doesn’t have 1950s jets. They have J-7 which is a modern chinese jet. Uganda have su-27 which is more modern than su-25. Kenya is the only one in E. Africa operating a 1970s jet. Finally, Kenya will not buy a Russian jet like su-25 because the US will never allow it. They could sanction Kenya or walk away from our defense agreements. Kenyan govt cannot risk losing rship with US.

Uganda bought 6 Su-30MKs around 2012.

If you are implying that the Russian route is cheaper and better,then why not follow it?or we will offend uncle Sam?
Our sovereignty is just cow shit

Yes, with Tullow payment for oil production Uganda went for broke and bought 6 SU 30 jets.

Ethiopia has the older SU 27 jet, mainly bought just before their 1999 war with Eritrea.

Down south Tanzania J -7

Lastly our upgrades F-5

Let’s build our economies first. Former President Kibaki had already laid the groundwork by buying Russian and Chinese arms.

Chinese Z9 attack helicopters

Russian armoured Mi-30 helicopters - VIP and troop carriers.

Good stuff

Jesus Christ are you an Air Force Colonel or something?

Hapa me hutambua F16 mahali imepita wanaitambua