Certified Fool

This alele must be laced with something else I tell you. Ngoja nijaze kahawa.
My mind went on overdrive thinking about how some people can be so stupid they even start believing in their own lies / propaganda. Yani tuseme, This brother, after being dictator for more than two decades, having taken power by the barrel, got to a point where he actually thought “the people” loved him ??

This blyat could have just rigged the elections, quelled a few protests here and there and went on with the program, but noooo, he thought he was godsent and that the people were made to be his followers, and that they loved him too much to not vote for him.
Gambians should actually thank their lucky stars that they had a fool for a dictator.

He got in with a bang and left with a fizzle, like this :

Here he is, doing photo ops with our boy in the land of “democracy, human rights, and freedoms

Bibi yake ni certified MILF.


huyo homosexual Obama alikuwa anajifanya democrat na anatambua ma tikteta sanaaa

huyo homosexual Obama alikuwa anajifanya democrat na anatambua ma tikteta sanaaa

I sure him and thresholds are permanent enemies…

my friends are missing him right now like crazy yet they rebuked him when he was in power. Yahya Jammeh refused to sign pacts with trumpistan agents to accept deportees. But now they have a fool called Barrow who uses Neuronless ganglia to reason . He was promised few aid money only if he agreed to deportation pact with america. He did and now wanalia kwa choo. Everyday hundreds of them are deported . Every choices has consequences. Hata ukula maharagwe…mshuto ndio consequences

But if you think about it, majority of the countries have dictators. So who would US presidents have photo OPS with, otherwise.

Like you and rusungu.dll

Bwana mkubwa wacha nikukumbushe that Kushuta shuta kuna afya tele,kwa wewe mwenyewe na mimea iliyokaribu nawe.So kuna consequences zingine murwa

Mheshimiwa what about global warming

Sasa hiyo yaletwa na the kind of air we release to the environment.Since we have destroyed most of our vegetation,you find that most of the unpurified air finds its way to the Ozone layer,affecting it hence the lot of effects we are experiencing now.

All cellular metabolisms since stromatolites have burned carbonaceous compounds to extract energy. Byproducts, including gaseous farts, include methane, CO2, and hydrogen gas. Which is why you can light your farts on fire.

But your personal contribution is dwarfed by cows and termites flatulence.

So yes we all contribute to global warming through our gas emission