Certification and Authentication of Documents & Commissioner of Oaths

I am trying to understand why people have to go through alot of hustles in Kenya to prove their level of skills . I would like to know the reason why someone has to undergo these three processes:
[li]Commissioner of Oaths[/li][li]Ministry of education (certification)[/li][li]Ministry of foreign affairs ( authentication)[/li][/ol]
If you have gone through these departments share your experience and why the services were required. This will help me and others understand the systems of verification.

River Road brought this misery to Kenyans.

Brought ama has tried to alleviate

It made it almost mandatory for all documents to be verified by the issuing authority to curb fakes. (Brought/alleviate)…Well it depends on whether u are a beneficiary of fakes or not.

It’s commissioner FOR oaths.

Cha muhimu ni ulielewa