Centum Postpones 2 Rivers Mall

so kutakuwa na clearance sale tununulie watoi toys kabla wafunge?

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kua chonjo kukiwa na offer ntakustua

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sawa msitoo ikitokea nishtue

The unoccupied shopping mall spaces can be re-purposed for alternative use. However, one of the biggest problems we have in this country is lack of creativity.


Exactly which leads to copying each other,this is not different from the famous quails and chicken farming business.It starts with a boom then Buum


Traditional way of thinking is killing us


and how much rent does the malls like say TRM charge per sq M

Juja mall opened. Next to NIBS there is another one under construction. KU mall not yet opened. Things are not rosy. We can’t support all these malls yet we have estate shops selling relatively cheaper.

I have been to Juja mall,it only has Tuskys as a tenant and may be a few others,then behind it there is this big Maxland Hotel.I end up asking myself why one earth would Maxland not lease one of those spaces and use it.You guess is as good as mine

Mumesahau K-Mall pare Komarock na Shujaa mall kwa akin uwespukhulu

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I think its between $40 - $ 50 per sqm …I am not sure I will need to confirm

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In future some of them will become the skating ground for kids na place za kukatiana

  1. Next Gen shopping mall has been giving would be tenants good discounts na bado iko empty.

  2. Garden city don’t charge any parking fees Monday to Friday yet on those days its mostly empty. Galleria charges parking daily yet it’s ever full. In short, location matters.

  3. I believe Nairobi is a city with a small population and who don’t have sufficient purchasing power to sustain these malls. The middle class who are the majority are drowning with loans repayments.

  4. Quite a number of people go to these malls so that they can take their kids to bouncing castles, train rides etc. What I mean is the #1 priority for them to visit a mall isn’t to shop. Others go for selfie missions so as to upload the pictures on Instagram. Then we have the perpetual window shoppers.

  5. The main tenants of these malls are banks. These banks have high cost to income ratios. In short wanavumilia kuwa hapo.


:D:D:D Yeah if peasant means building a residential house in one of your inherited piece of land closest to the city, then I am.


Huko tunatambua Greenspan pekee

Taj Mall niliona wakiwa na a Grand reopening sijui kunaendaje kwao sasa

Is it the one in embakassi

Good points there.

I agree with you that location and access matters.

However I still feel there is room for improvement in terms of pricing,remember most tenants have the notion that malls are expensive and when looking for vacant space they never have malls as an option.Soon you will see the space being advertised on TVs when the owners wake up to reality.

Selfies (I saw one guy lease the selfie stick ,how brilliant) and sale of ice cream will always make a boom because they sell at an affordable price,but when the same people get hungry and feel like they want something solid,they will not go to the Javas and errrr errr forgotten the rest…instead they will walk to some cheaper den out there.These malls are not being developed with the peasants in mind hence the reason why they will not lower the rent

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Nairobi 97% ni peasants. On iG utaona watu wakiringa na Pizza za Pizzainn(no disrespect) birrionea hawawezi enda pizza in na kuna akina Dominos na Pizza hut

Yeah ni hiyo iko past pipu… @Okiya hupeleka watoto rooftop kuona ndege zikiland JKIA badala ya kununua vitu