Central Kenya politics....support is sroowry but surery shifting

Kuna kavidio which is doing rounds on WhatsApp about a Kamzae who is talking serious politics of 2022 and who central should vote for.
The mzee seems like a respectable man of the society in Karau, Nyandarua County. He speaks in kisapere.
This is how mashinani politics are sroooowry shifting.
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You want us to discuss a video which you have not shared?

Nmeshangaa sana pia

Imekataa ku upload mdau. It’s a 7 minute clip.

Hanma pressure but you could upload it on Twitter(throwaway account) and share here.

Napenda sana jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya likipoteza kura. He won’t hoodwink my people

Hatuitaki io fidio kama si porn

@Siko_Twitter lakini najua utaiona tu before COB.

Omogaka na si porn iko pare xvideos?

The support is moving from where to where

What’s mzee saying

Sasa wewe kama admin ukishindwa ku upload what do you expect people like me to do…

To teach yourself to brew busaa the right way, brare fukin

Washa kunimalisa mdau.:smiley: Its too big to upload

Umeiona mkubwa?

Ghasier ujiheshimu kwanza. Mimi ni bad nyus

Wahtever happens in 22 i dont care. Looking for ways to milk hii electioneering period.

Politics za hio area ni tofauti sana na the rest of central. Am a regular hapo karau,nyahururu town,subukia,molo na their headquarters pale club utugi nakuru kule akina @gachwini hukunywa
White cup. They have a slightly different view from what i usually encounter hapa kiambu

I think…

. Liwe liwalo

@Electronics4u what exactly did you want to achieve with this thread?
You only make reference to a video which you didn’t bother to upload (you can easily compress!) then you don’t even give a synopsis of what the said Mzee was saying but then go on to make a conclusion that central Kenya politics has changed?!

Rudi tu kwa garage kwa magari …you belong there . Polotics huwezani nayo