Central Bank of Jamaica Handling Inflation


Wewe uko kenyatalk from 10pm to 6am daily. Tunashuku wewe ni

provided i get that bread. Mchagua jembe sio mkulima. Anyway, Im not

Atleast ako na 25k pm

:D:D:D nikukuita security guard nimekutukana?

I’m not but I always say hi to the dude who stands outside in the cold with his long jacket every morning if i find him before he leaves for home. His role is mostly symbolic but it’s nice that he does it anyway and fends for his kids.

Shida hapo ukienjoy 25K some of the biggest lunje heavyweights went to school on a watchman’s salary although they never speak of it openly

25k is a lot of money if you spend it wisely

25k ni peanuts chief, hakuna cha spending it wisely sema tu “as long as you live within your poverty”

That’s what I probably mean

Mtu akiskia ukiringa anaeza dhani hufanyi equity na kamshahara ni 29K PM

There was a time in life i would laugh at this joke, not 2020

By the way it’s a lot of cash. If it’s not why don’t you start paying your house help and gardener that much?