Central Bank dismisses Ruto’s banking promises, says it won’t act on 'political expediencies'


President William Ruto’s promises to sections of his support base touching on financial services may suffer rejection, with the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) refusing to be drawn into taking actions aimed at satisfying political interests.
CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge has said the regulator will continue to be guided by data and its existing policies, as opposed to “political expediencies”.

During his inauguration, President Ruto made rosy promises to Kenyans touching on operation of financial services in Kenya, including promising to review the law to increase the limit of heavy cash transactions handled by banks without a requirement for reporting from the current Sh1 million and relaxing the Credit Reference Bureau Framework (CRB) to allow more Kenyans access credit.

During an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, however, the CBK governor said the regulator’s operations cannot be changed by a political administration and that the regulator would continue implementing its policies.

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