Central Africa Republic

Any talker who is in this country or has been to this country or daring enough to go to this country contact me kwa inbox

The pope was daring enough to go there but I doubt if he’s a talker.


Haiyah!! Pope Si anapitia uko, bonga naye.

@Pope was with us then some morons gave him an equator.

Bantus from there eat people, especially during time of war. Bantus have a history of cannibalism and human sacrifice, but most don’t do that today. I am a bantu myself kwa hivo msilete mambo ya raila hapa.

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Weka evidence ama hii ni pang’ang’a.

Ata me niko njiani nikienda huko. KQ business class but do I say


Jean Bokassa

Weka rink, ama niseme hekaya.

And just in case you forgot, I posted my KCSE results.



:eek: wewe hatukulangi watu, labda Wagisu

Picha sir.

@Okiya tuma 5k uli promise aviator alikushinda englis

Cannibalism has been allover the world and for a long time. Whites probably have better recorded history of their own cannibalism tendencies. Only that here in africa the bantus practised it regularly. Its a fact that they ate up the pigmies. It’s your duty to research. mimi sio mwalimu. Its all over the net, but you should be able to filter racist stories from real believable stuff.
Away from bantus, the Fore people of papua new guinea developed a degenerative disease, kuru, a certain encephalopathy, because of eating rotten bodies and maggots therein of their relatives, especially those who had died of the disease. The disease is related to creuztfeldt-jakob disease and mad cow disease that affected britain sometime ago. Cannibalism was banned by colonial administration. Missionary effort and modernization slowly stopped the spread of the disease.

Sawa @pamba ? You can gugu about KQ premier world

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@DO_IT Soma poa it was both KCPE and KCSE. Weka pia KCPE. Narudi 12th so kama umenishinda 5k ni yako.

It’s a fact that the sun rises and sets everyday, because there’s enough evidence to prove that fact. If evidence of Bantu cannibalism is “all over the net” as you claim, then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to furnish me with a few links, should it? You make a claim and you should be able to back it up, sio kusema ati wewe sio mwalimu.

I’m not interested in the Fore people, this is an evasive manouvre to cover up the fact that you have no evidence to prove your claims of widespread cannibalism among the bantu.

Kaa nayo. Told you sina kcpe slip.

@aviator… Nitoe ya kcpe alafu hizo pesa za @Okiya tugawane