Raila Odinga told kina Omondi my mech that they should not open for those conducting the census.They have convinced me not to open my door,so I will not.

leta evidence ya io speech!!

Don’t mention baba’s carelessly,He can’t eat and talk at the same time .
Hajaongea !

It was in dholuo,Omondi interpreted for me

My tribesmen have always made me think Raila has been my problem,([SIZE=1]though at times he openly show hate for my tribe[/SIZE]),but reality is now showing that.mundu wa nyumba is worse.
You better start listening to the man from NyaBondo.
Zimwi likujualo sasa la kula kumaliza

Baba is more jubilant than the jubilee itself. Lazima watu wahesabiwe kama kondoo zikipelekwa kichinjio.


Sheria iko, itawashugulikia !

tukutane kamiti

Pegine kelele tu niko pangani na waria are excited as fuck… pre listing imeanza.

Riwe riwaro wadhumbutu kuingia kwa the house of Ngimanene, watajua Tusker sio pombe


I have a resting room at my working place,Nitalala hapo na keg yangu . Kuhesambiwa sio mimi. Actually we should be boycott everything the Gov asks.

@Ngimanene na matharo Si unioganizie puppy , niliongea na @mokanika akanishow zake ni za nyama haezi uza

baba needs those numbers from his background than anybody else.

sande sana kwa ujumbe, kumbe nywele ilimwagika juu ya kula marinated shepart
@Makonika wewe ni ghaseer tu ya kawaida
shindwe pepo nyeuthi shaitaan ibilisi chieth maduong eatna ria ngi

I have already been pre listed as I was going out of my gate.
The guy doing the pre listing was wearing an orange reflector jacket written KNBS 2019 Census and armed with a tablet.
He asked for my name and how many of us live there and I answered him.
He then wrote some numbers on my gate and house door.
Now my question is, why could they not finish everything at once, why pre list then come again tomorrow?
Hii mambo ya serikali huwa sielewi.

If I go a walking the roads of my neighbourhood like a crazed individual during the census hours,would they still count me?

Pre listing started yesterday. Let us allow them do what they are doing. May be in 2022 the front guys could have a better plan for their citizens.

You are still a human being thou you are mad. You not an animal. They will still count you and after that they will helpfully show you the direction to mathare

Since we oppose everything the gava says ,I wish gava ingesema tusikubali kuhesabiwa and everybody would be like #NAHESABIWA.