Census night-Were you enumerated?

Did this thing take off or was it a total flop and waste of taxpayer billions?
Other than the much publicized photos of senior politicians being counted at the start of the exercise, nothing much seems to have been accomplished.
Je, wewe umehesabiwa?

Only sokwe mtu was counted…

Hapa slum sijawaona ata kule mukuru watu wanSema hawajahesabiwa

Hapa ni Kenya lazima ukue na connection ndio uhesabiwe:D:D:D

Was it for everyone ?

:D:DIf they put it like that utaona raia wote standing in line for hours ndio wahesabiwe


Hata umbwa hazi kubweka

Baboons. The census is A SEVEN-DAY PROCESS.

How difficult is it to understand some things?

I think itaendelea hadi 31st… but reference night question ni nani alilala huko jana…

Nonsense, are they closing bars for SEVEN DAYS.
Will cops chase people out of their businesses for SEVEN DAYS?
Will they ask everyone to be at home by 6pm for SEVEN DAYS?
Hii kufikiria you can think better than others brings out the stupidity in your head.

Gentlemen, we have a winner here. 4-point IQ. Read what @ChildishGambino has written…

Wacha mehemehe… bar hazifungwi tena… jamaa wa census for the next 7 days watakua wakiuliza ni “how many people spent the night of 24th at this place…??”

They didn’t find me in on the night they forced me to be in, what guarantee do they have they will do so on any other night for the next SEVEN DAYS?

Small correction sir. Leo zinafungwa…

Engaging you is akin to reasoning with a mentally challenged person whose response is only one and very predictable.

OK, let’s drill further. Are you disputing that the census exercise wil go on for the next 6 days? WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DISPUTING IMBECILE?

I was very much aware of that you syphilitic cunt.
I have actually been pre listed unlike you who is just posting nonsense coz you think you are the custodian of all knowledge on earth.
Whatever am putting across is a scenario that will happen to many people/homes but since you must put down others you can’t admit it’s a valid point.

Still not counted

Kuna callback card wanaachia mtu wasipokupata… they leave it at the door for you to call them when you are available to be counted…