Census enumerator gang raped in Maseno

Police in Kisumu are hunting for men who gang raped an enumerator in Maseno on Saturday night.
The woman was attacked and raped at her residential gate by the suspects after she was dropped by a content supervisor.
Nyanza Regional Police Commander Vincent Makhoha said the attackers took away the woman’s torch and power bank, but left other census materials.
“She is being treatment in one of hospitals,” Makhoha said.
He said the content supervisor has been summoned to record statements.
“We want him to help with investigations. He was the the one who gave her a lift home,” Makhoha added.
The suspects were hiding in a bush near the woman’s gate and attacked her after she was dropped.


Sasa sikia ujinga !

Just horrible, I thought when you drop a lady, you wait for her to get inside before you drive off.
If it’s a risky place where you can’t take chances waiting, then you shouldn’t be dropping her at wee hours anyways.

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So sad

this is disgusting! may they be caught and handled like animals if found culpable!

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Man that’s the least you can do, regardless of gender actually.

I expected more from you Sissy cunt…no way they would have raped her if they left after she closed the gate

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I am sorry. I didn’t know you couldn’t understand a little irony. pole.

Am sorry too…I didn’t know people still made fun of gang rapes/bangs… guess am ol fashioned

i didn’t, but that is neither here nor there. twende kazi ingine please…

Pole kwake.

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so sad

The other enumerators should boycott the process till security is assured.

was she raped coz she was an enumerator or coz she was at the wrong place the wrong time?