Census 2019 updates

CENSUS enumerator in Marani, Kisii County goes missing since yesterday; police trying to trace him to recover data kit.
SIX data capture kits reported to have malfunctioned during last night’s census replaced, Govt Spokesperson Oguna says.
GOVT Spokesman Oguna says those not counted last night shouldn’t worry because exercise is on until Saturday Aug 31.
A small girl, young enough to be my grand daughter asked me if am polygamous infront of Mrs Meria, went on and asked about all the property i own and what type of farming i engage in in 001, hehe, real comedy it was’
an old msedes that i restored after Muarabu discarded it was enumerated as mine pamoja na Succeed Newshape, found it funny gava kuuliza hii maswali coz NTSA have all the details.
Ni swali gani ya upus uliulizwa?

Eti kama niko na boat. Stpped me right in my tracks. BOAT. [SIZE=7]BOAT!!![/SIZE]

Khupipi was asked kama watoto wangu wote ni wake.


hii maswali ya upuzi maana yake ni kwamba yakishaingizwa kwa mtambo inasaidia sirkali kujua kama wewe ni maskini, midro class au bwenyenye. Hiyo itasaidia kutadhmini kama watu wengi au wachache mametajirika au kuwa fukara hii miaka kumi imepita.

unakaa kuwa na yacht imefungiwa kwa pier pale marina :smiley:

Na kuuliswa ka nko na hujuma chieth inasaidia nini?

Makes sense but what i have observed since the huduma namba thing is most Kenyans are afraid of their government. It all has to do with how communication is delivered to citizens with a flavour of threats.Most people fear their property could be taken away by KRA.

The government communications department needs serious work.

Hiyo tweet government spokesman atakujibu.

The boat issues makes a lot of sense to the fishing communities my fren. It would have been impractical to design different questions for different regions. Same as camels…

True. They are working on a new communications policy - They were finishing collecting public views three weeks ago - that will hopefully address those shortcomings.

was also asked this shupid question, nikagojea aulize kaa niko na Ndege niseme yes but she stopped short.
alafu the gava is getting for me a smart tv and a set top box next week, was asked if my tv is analogue or digital nikasema sina tv

Am still waiting for the enumerators to show up at my door.

Tiga gutuhenia nyumba. Kwani ulihesabiwa inje ?

kwa smoking room

Visi huyu ako pande gani. Sadia coordinates huyu naona Hadi akihesabu my spermatozoa.

Hujuma, chunga saana ile CCTV Mrs ameweka. Wewe hama tuu.

Dry fry material

Then tax filing will come !

hapana. that’s stretching it now.