Census 2019 Update

Police in various areas in larger Nyanza region are holding 5 people arrested for impersonating census officials. Nyanza Police Commander Dr. Vincent Makhoha says 2 of the suspects were arrested in Homa Bay, another 2 in Kisumu and 1 in Migori.
TANA POLICE arrest 5 elders for inciting villagers against census; leaders accused of warning residents against opening their doors to foreigners.
A woman was last night arrested in Juja’s Joyland Estate for obstructing census officials from conducting their duties and also giving false information.
She is also accused of using vulgar language as she alleged that the government had overburdened her with taxes and she saw no value for the exercise.
Why is it that whatever the Goverment does is ;
1 corrupted
2. Mismanaged
4. Inefficient
8. Erratic
9 unscrupluous
10 abhorent
12 Sordid
13 Shady
14 suspect
15 suspicious…
meanwhile, Tembea Kenya

Uncredible ni wewe. Good morning Ngabu?

[SIZE=7]Because it’s all true[/SIZE]

Why would a sane person impersonate an enumerator? Because of why?

Morning morning,
umehesabiwa au bado?


Bado na nikienda job nimeona some of my neighbours walihesabiwa.

it is the persons involved…and they do it in such a manner coz their predecessors and other senior officials did it and got away with it

Bado mkubwa.

kwani unaishi 6th floor

watafika kwako Friday

Pia ‘haphhazard’ ni yeye…

Naishi ground floor…gate imekuwa wazii.
Sijui kama wanaogopa hizo doggie.

All happens because Kenyans do not have a vision of what they want in the future.
We’ve kept our bar so low…

Census enumerator injured, tablet damaged as he tried to run away from youth who wanted to steal it in Eldoret; incident happened after residents of several Estates in the town refused to open their gates for census teams.

Man and his wife arrested for beating up census team in Kisumu yesterday night.

This is foolish. The census is essential in planning economic development.

Uhuru should have had a televised news conference before this thing was conducted to inform people why it is essential to be counted. He doesn’t give a shit right now though because he won’t run again.

This is why we need leaders who have lived and walked life in ke.

Serikali ingetuma enumerators with unga !

He did

Okay. Now we know how stupid we are.