Census 2019 Last update

Census enumerator… Uko na Ngombe?
@Chiefkiumbe … Hapana
Enumerator… Na ile arimis ni ya nini?
@Chiefkiumbe … Ghaseer
CENSUS UPDATE: Only 5% of the population has not been counted. PSs Dr.@Karanjakibicho & Saitoti Torome have urged Kenyans who have’t been enumerated to call 0800221020 toll-free so that the census personnel can be dispatched for this purpose before the exercise concludes tonight.

tax exemptions

The following conversation is paraphrased. (Video evidence iko. My cucu is a few years shy of a 100 years of being alive)

Enumerator: Ulizaa watoto wangapi?
My Cucu: Na wengine walikufa at a ukiwahesabu watakusaidia na nini?

Enumerator: Una murau (ox plough)?
My Cucu: Hii acre yangu unaona kama inalimwa na ng’ombe?

Enumerator: Hii maswali nauliza vile tumeandikiwa
My Cucu: Enda uwaambie hayanisaidii juu hata results zitatoka after three years…

Enumerator gave up. Directed the questions to person who was with my cucu in English. Cucu interjects and confirms that she can understand the language too.
Enumerator terminates the census in that household.

kumbe umang’aa is passed down the lineage?

Not umang’aa. Realism.

I wasn’t counted physically but I know mupipi alipeana ujumbe

How do they know 5% have not been counted? Kwani they already know the total population

five per cent of households. remember they had done mapping and if you have been counted your house must bear two numbers; one for before and the other for after.

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is looking for the census officer who was captured on camera dancing with kids while on duty.
The census body noted the enumerator took the work positively and interacted with his target audience in the right way hence deserved recognition.
we have trusted this guys with our data and yet they cant trace their ferking employee after all the details they took during hiring.
KNBS is led by a bunch of morons

Apparently the guy is known as Kiprono Chokosh from somewhere in Jericho.
Reminds one of Jeremy Kibet the village chokosh.

5% of 50,000,000 is 2.5m.
That isn’t a small number by any means.

So we can say the whole exercise is a failure

Kericho not Jericho, stupid auto correct.

I wouldn’t condemn the whole exercise, neither can I praise it.

I was not counted. Who was?

Wait for the KWS animal census. This was for himans not baboons…