Cellphone Network Booster/ Amplifier

Niaje wadau. Who has had experience with above devices? Do they really work? Niko na problem ya network nikiwa ocha. I have to be outside at a certain location ndio nipate network. Simu iko na zero bars ndani ya nyumba hence niko mteja nikiwa ndani ya keja ocha. Wanna improve network for my parents. Hii kitu inafanya? Any information in the village? Sande sana

Was illegal last time I checked

Weka efdense

Would like to know too Sometimes I am in places with low network, usually caused by terrain if the devices help,the better.

I doubt this. I have seen them being used by a some NGO working in HIV/AIDS mostly in remote health facilities uko Homabay counties

There is a ranch deep inside Taita Land called Mgeno that has good network despite not near any cell tower, they have such a device

Inafanya vizuri sana

They are illegal AF. You can be arrested for 6 months ama ulipe 4m ukishikwa nayo

Why. What’s wrong with boosting your signal…?
Isn’t that what most multistorey office blocks do nowadays?!

You need to contact the specific operator whose signal is poor for them to install some indoor base station or their own amplifier tuned to their specific frequencies. These generic chinese crap boosters cause interference to all other operators since they raise the noise level for gsm bands.
Hiyo kitu imeekwa hapa ukishikwa nayo utaitana!

Niliwaambia wakasema niweke efdense