Celebs and their marriages

Why do celeb marriage fail wadau? Just look akina Willis Ruburu, Betty Kyalo, Lilian Muli and many others around the world, name it/

Why do celebrity marriages succeed? Look at Nameless and Wahu, Lulu Hassan and Rashid, David and Victoria Beckham, etc?

They’re humans not gods

vile @Old Monk amesema…

Inaitwa ‘Contrast Effect’ according to Douglas T. Kenrick of the Arizona State University, an evolutionary psychologist. In a nutshell, if you constantly interact with physically attractive men/women, you tend to view your own partner as less attractive. Kwanza men cannot handle the pressure of being constantly exposed to young, attractive women. Most Hollywood marriages also don’t last for this same reason.

Asande sana Elder for this insight

That is not always the case, some have had successful marriages like Denzel, Snoop Lion just to mention but a few, celebs lives are in the public, so any failure gets coverage. Unlike a commoner like you whose details of failure is only restricted to your small cocoon

That’s why men who work in an environment where they are exposed to young beautiful ladies ,rarely appreciate their wives

Beauty therapist
Supervisors wa EPZ Na companies za maua

For women,if the nature of your work your interactions is mainly to rich moneyed men, huezi kaa kwa ndoa, unless you get married at 35
The list includes
Teachers are those expensive academies’
Insurance sales
Bar maid
Cleaners kwa expensive hotels

Wahenga walisema - marriages are like planes, a 1000 in the sky but you only get to here of one that crashes. The statistics for non-celebs are almost the same, it’s just that the reporting is less or none. Successful or not. That said marriages are seriously struggling and on decline.

Those are media personalities, not celebs

Hapa Kenya kuna celebrities?!. wacha upuzi these are people on tv.

Sasa msee na kitambi anashout kwa tv “Wabebe” ni celeb aje??

If you are famous and decent looking there are literally hundreds of people who want to sleep with you. Also people constantly gossiping about this so called celebrities puts a strain on their relationships.

Many have also succeeded. I can list like twenty that I know of. But divorce happens even in poor families or the non-famous ones.

I often wonder if someone who reads the news or a reporter is a ‘celebrity’. What is so special in doing something that doesn’t require creativity other than to read or report what is in front of you. These are just public figures. Period.