Celebrating Black Women: Strong Woman

When I say that I need a strong woman in my life. I mean that I want a woman who can lift me up over her shoulders, throw me into the bed and furk my brains out and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Beginning stages…

Thiccfit women drive me crazy


tembea sj

Mali safi. Naeza inama na nifanye Ile kitu Cc. @cortedivoire

Hio matanye inakaa imestunya mpaka inaweza finya lips kama pliers

There are at least five indicators that she was born male, and they have absolutely nothing to do with her gym bod.

Very nice. Dry fry haraka sana

You’ve been on an intense dry spell for so long that you are almost turning gay. When you start fantasizing such kind of things,m you are almost turning gay

What’s gay about wanting to have sex with a woman?

Admiring masculine traits and tendencies

The thought that only men can be physically strong is not a fact based in science (biology), but a social construct. That woman up there is feminine and beautiful enough to light my loins on fire.

Anakaa sister ya keyhee foreskinus @Jimit