Cece Sagini:Don't mix business with pleasure and don't marry a divorcee, she married her manager like Wendy Williams and he was divorced

Here we go again ati we are remaining best friends.


Hiyo jamaa said that the two of them did not have sex until the wedding night. He lost all gangster points from then on.

What does having sex before the marriage help with? It makes you a gangsta now? Aki Kenyan men I pity you. Where once there was a time a man was a man. Nowadays a man is gangster. Carry on.

You want to marry virgins otherwise you will be called a beta but where will they come from?

If she’s a virgin it makes sense to continue waiting till marriage.

But if she’s been dishing it out to men who never married her, but wants the man who’ll marry her to wait that’s stupidity

She dished to you ama? Self made expert on people’s vagina. Yaani mumechunga hizo vagina like there’s no tomorrow. Kuja munichungie hii yangu haina watchman. Wanaume!!! Very controversial creatures. Kuna mwingine hapa aliniuliza what have I been doing with my vagina. Nikamshow I have just been sitting on it but nunua shares then you can tell me what I should do with it.

The guy was divorcee. This is the second divorce. I think we should also brand divorced men juu it’s like they’re cursed waezi kaa kwa ndoa.

This uchungaji wa vagina is too much, so nikizalia wazungu I should also zalia you people bcz nilizalia wazungu. You now have a right to my womb bcz kama nazalia wazungu, I should also give you vagina plus watoto. Si the vagina is mine. The womb is mine. Why do you people like controlling women? When I want to give I give if I get tired of giving I stop, if I decide I am not giving Bas si I’m the sole proprietor? If you people had any powers you would have stopped me from having children with wazungu but ni mdomo tuu muko nayo. The owner of the vagina and the womb is the one to call the shots. Akiamua ape wazungu, asipatie wa afrika there is nothing you can do about that. Mutaongea usiku mutalala but at the end of the day you have no power over a woman’s body. Hata akitaka kutoa mtoto wako na wewe unataka huyo mtoto imagine there’s nothing you can do. Atatoa. So just accept the reality that the woman is the controller. Hata akitaka pea watu Mia then arudi aseme sasa anuza or sasa hapeani Tena, there’s nothing you can do my brother. You control your penis coz it’s what is under your jurisdiction, even your own wives, wanapeana hizo kuma mumelipia dowry mpaka to drivers in the office. Your wives who you think you are controlling wamepea kila mtu kwa ofisi. So there’s nothing you can tell this lady coz even your own wife you have not checked her odometer this week. Amefyekwa na bosses, na exes name it. You are powerless ni mdomo tuu. You can not control your own wife let alone other people’s wives or gfs.

A woman can definitely do what she wants with her vagina: give if she wants, refuse if she doesn’t.

And that’s why the man above lost all gangsta points, was a serious simp if at all the woman was dishing it out to the men earlier, but when it comes to the man who will marry her she tells him to wait

it’s not about the woman. It’s about the man for allowing the woman to pull such a stupidity

You can also base the same argument that he was married before and she has never been married but she married a second hand man who was married to another woman, being a second wife or a wife of a divorcee is being a female simp, marrying a man who is your employee is being a female simp. Marrying a man who is poorer than you is being a female simp. Kukua singo mother of kids belonging to a man of an inferior race and social status is being a female simp. I guess she woke up and got tired of the simp Valley and is now heading to look for some mulatto kids. She gets major gangsta points if she didn’t have kids with him, he’s beneath her.

The guy was cheating on cece with this one. Chimpanzee world is full of confusion. Zalieni wazungu.


ogopa hawa photographers. Wanakula customer bila aibu

Isn’t this the nigga that proposed to the woman live on The Trend (NTV)?


A man could be divorced a million times all that matter is if he can provide

Not to me and not to many churches like citam, deliverance and many others. They will not marry you in their church if you are divorced. Hata kama we ni president. Anyway, in the end the relationship ended bcz a divorcee is a divorcee.

Because there they only marry virgins

LOL what a shithole of hypocrites