CDF to be scrapped

Such an unwiped arse


All these bursary funds should be under 1 fund that’s well managed as proposed by kiambu senator.


Na wale mpigs wamecommit payslips zao kwa loan si watakataa hii story

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Should be given to the county and disbursed under Ministry of Education.


Ata hakuna haja ya hizo zote, Basic Universal Education should be FREE, wazazi waache kusumbuliwa…
We know those CDF and bursaries usually go to undeserving cases…


Actually that’s what the kiambu guy was suggesting.

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Kwa nini utombe bibi yako bila condom ukimtolea mastyles kama malaya halafu ikifika saa ya kuzaa na kulea unaanza kuwika kama nguruwe usaidiwe na mali ya umaa?


Wewe ndiye umma kwa hivyo pesa mali ni yako.

But I agree with you ghasias wawache kuzaa kama panya halafu wanatusumbua sisi birrioneas tuwasaidie kulipa fees.

I have perfected my pull out game. Others should also be like me kama hawapendi condom. Else, ambia madam avae bulletproof.

Nothing should be free

Perhaps Luxuries. Basic Education is a human right, hence should be free… While you are reasoning like this, in Scandinavian countries even university is free. Americans have also adopted the open learning approach in their colleges and universities.

Passive revenge attacks

Human right has totally been misunderstood. Human right is only to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, there is no right to free stuff or services like education, health or housing at other people expense why should taxes be deducted from workers payslips. Where do you draw the line? What is next, internet is human right? Wait that has already happened.

Nordic model is supported by punitive taxation, almost 70% of one’s income. Hardly enviable
Americans are bit more sensible than Europeans, they are madoadoas who still believe in socialism but they will fail like baba lao Bernie Sanders. Free enterprise, low taxation, sensible regulation are hallmarks of great country like USA

Providing basic education for free plus guaranteeing access to other human rights is the foundation of what makes a society civilized, NOT SOCIALIST. It also guarantees that you can hold on to even to the little wealth you wanna accumulate so that you can buy that stuff that is not free, with your payslip. and also ensures you are ethical.

Without universal basic education, the ability of the marginalized, or the vulnerable to participate in a given society is eroded, thereby leading to poverty at best, and at worst a gap between rich and poor resulting in parallel ways of life that sooner or later result in upheavel, crime and civil unrest, you dimwit.

Nordic country tax is efficiently used to such an extent that almost everything is free. What is hardly enviable is our corruption. What is hardly enviable is being unable to pay for medicare or basic education because it has become prohibitively expensive and you therefore have no more disposable income to buy your fancy stuff.

There is nothing sensible in a superpower in which homelessness is just a blink away from missing a paycheck. Same america you are envying has opportunities for progress because they harness the power of free learning, ie, Open learning.

Providing social safety nets, is not socialism, it is providing the most effective remedy that keeps this farce greedfest we call capitalism from imploding on itself. There is no truly free market economy that can survive without checks and balances. and those social safety nets are the checks and balances that prevents chaos and provide stability, when the system crashes as it usually does every generation or so.

Haya lipa fees yangu sasa for all this elimu.


America wako na free primary and secondary education. Pia kuna grants for university. You can learn for free or very cheap in the US as a citizen.

Those scandinavian countries have a very high standard of living. Wangetaka wangepunguza taxes. They are not like kenya where jsks wakes up and adds a tax from the air.

Free schooling provided by who?. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What started with basic education won’t end there, next administration will up the ante and promise free secondary education, then it will be free university education, free internet, etc you get the idea. Venezuela became broke due to similar big state socialist ambitions. Never ever entertain freebies, not for free school lunch, not for fuel subsidies, not for sanitary pads. Totally close the door to the idea that government provides largesse, government has to rob you and me to provide freebies. it distorts markets, more importantly needs provides the goods it promises

Education does not make a society civilized, simplistic assertion. Read Ivan Illich critique of formal schooling. Phds without jobs in this country debunks the claim education is route to economic freedom, it is not. Formal schooling is not education or knowledge either.

Nordics are overhyped, they are no ideal places. Top talent goes to more market oriented places like US for better renumeration. Any case we are not same culturally, theirs is a high trust society ours is a low trust one. Apples and oranges. Buffoon Sanders was trying to use Nordic model to entice Muricans to socialism, didn’t work.

Tuko America, I know America’s weaknesses and its strengths, homelessness is overplayed. Unless you are druggie, chances of becoming homeless are exceedingly low. Don’t listen to naysayers who just parroting what they heard from media. Immigrants are home owners in 3 - 4 year here. You can’t do that in the socialists hell holes of Northern Europe. They all end up here with us looking for the American dream.

Safety net is overhyped, temporary unemployment protection for a couple months till someone can find work is fine but the rest miss me. True free market is best, healthcare would be cheap, true free market would have real money not the fiat BS destroying savings and discouraging investment, true free market would not have credit creation, money printing, free markets is what the made Western world rich at the turn of the 20th century till 1960 before it all went awry. Just look at Argentina before Peronists destroyed it, free wheeling capitalist free market wonder, it was richer than US at one time. Socialists destroyed it. Milei is trying his best to dig them out.

Stop reasoning like a pregnant woman with emotions. Social programs will succeed where a country is endowed with well managed natural resources. Sasa Kenya yykianza kupeana vitu za bure zitalipiwa na firewood from your mother’s kitchen?

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