CD on dashboard

…how does putting a cd on the dashboard, work against speed camera…brainstorm. karibu matatu zote they have one

it doesnt. case closed. delete the thread


just the way quills had brainwashed ua mind… btw ulizipeleka wapi after market kuisha abruptly???

quails? brainwashing the mind? seriously?

@igweee ni nini inakusumbua sasa? ulikula muguka jana?

Picha ya quill ama ufanyiwe target practice…

Akiangushwa aende ajitoe quill kwa wings

how many marks?

We have had this discussion many times and on all occasions concluded it’s bullshit ama unataka tukuitie Mythbusters?

Ni kama wale wengine wa coins na breathalyzer.

Ama eno!
I know a dj who drives with listerine in the car

:D:D:D:D au ku-trail ka-wire ili ku-earth gari…


DJs tulikubali are not the sharpest kitambo

:D:D cc: @Touchlyrics


He he. Sawa tu.

…noma…i was just asking. interact with drivers on the ground na utaskia maneno