CCTV: a thread

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Those of us who has cctv at businesses,or homes or employed at control rooms, what’s that strange you’ve ever seen on cctv??
My nanny having an abortion in the house in full glare of my then 2year old. From the hospital report it was estimated to have been a 6months pregnancy. i cant even tell you how i dint see that pregnancy. No one had noticed. she was literally dying in my house with blood all over the house and on my then 2year old. called my grandmother to go to my house we meet in hospital the nanny refused. i was on my way to work… just alighted took a boda boda passed by the police station to pick cops… because if she happened to die in my house that would have been a different story. she had taken whatever concossion the previous day. the cops found the concossion in her bag… took her to 1st hospital they refused to take her… instead they wrote me a referral letter to KNH… i had never taken anyone to KNH before but i had heard the horror stories… luckily by Gods Grace they immediately took her in… she had lost alot of blood and her placenta had retained inside and that was what was causing the heavy bleeding… she was taken to theatre… i called her family and i left to sort out my soiled house. i found my Grans had washed my baby but nobody wanted to wash the house no matter how much i offered even after providing the protective gears. i did the washing myself and burnt all the soiled stuff. it was the worst scene ever…the smell of fresh blood and clots… then i found the baby underneath the seat. it was a boy… so i called the girls sister to ask them about there baby…they told me to burry it in my backyard… i just told them its impossible… so i just told them that i will dispose it just like hospitals. this is the worst expereinec i have had with a Nanny. i thank God for having a Nanny Camera… this girl would have died in my house and my baby would be there playing and sliding with her blood.


Eish! This is a hardcore hekaya. To be fair, my campo gf’s bestie alificha pregnancy for 5 months without us knowing.

Holy moly ,that hardcore shit mdau ,agekufia kwako ata ugewekelewa ball,mine did the same though it must have been weeks old and madam after finding her fired up her arse,lucky I stay far to witness such horror.

Hii si hekaya …ni gory hekaya
i regret reading that thing banae

:oops::oops:… this is a horror movie. blood alone freaks me out but finding a baby is some next level shit.


Are you by any chance @aviator? He/she is the only one who had such crazy hekayas with his/her numerous handles

Fake stories

Ctrl C, delete.

Hiyo hekaya iko Buyer Beware uko mukuru…

@ChifuMbitika kujia cousin yako

Niaje bro?

Acha kuongeza cctv. Sema ukweli, your girlfriend decided to abort at home, and shit went sideways. Alafu ukatupa kîhuno choo, and you had to take her to a private hospital after kuona anakufa.

Hii hekaya zii. .