…laid to rest in Chepalungu, Bomet[ATTACH=full]100690[/ATTACH]

How remarkably symbolic!

I keep telling people that if you want to take leadership of a community then sharpen your unity skills. Know how persuade, build alliances and appeal to the heart/minds. issac rutto doesn’t know this, he thinks rebellion without a course and division will help him. It will keep you in the headlines, draw in radicals but the majority will stay away. Case of point this picture. In 2014, Gov. Mutua was grabbing the headlines with his quick and cheap low seal tarmack. Locals appreciated it and critics had a field day. issac take was even worse. He ignored the county road engineer and asked all lorry drivers in Bomet to deliver gravel in various designated roads. Each were paid cash. Earth movers leveled the roads and it looked good. However when it rains those roads look like a quarry like the picture above and totally impossible to pass. That’s how he has managed Bomet, a series of errors, chest thumping, unnecessary friction, fights and paranoid outbursts. 8/8 will be a humbling moment.

hata sikujua ni nini alikuwa ananiambia. but atleast nilimshow aende akikaukaga

ccm has 911 aspirants tafakari hayo…

:D:D:D:D Chepalungu used to be his stronghold. That guy gave us a hard time when he took over us the governor.

Hapa tutatoa our analysis like we know what’s happening on the ground but ukienda huko chini it’s different story.endeleeni kutoa technical analysis na picha ya ndizi kumea barabarani. Itamea mpaka tuvune. But writing is on the wall. Tumechoka na hii madeni ambayo hayaiishi

How do you exercise a free mind?

shouldn’t devolution have fixed this road??

Kiwole, kokwer ke kiplogom.

He he he…Ni kama Chama Cha Matopeni…