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The Kenya NAVY now fully mandated to deal with unauthorised vessels in the Kenyan waters by the new fisheries law

Swali ni, do we have the boats to police the ocean?
@Jazzman ebu weka mbisha of what we have now.
If the chinku and Russians wako in our shores tutawatisha na nini?

Alafu, @gashwin
Kenya inafika wapi offshore?
@Mathaais pia Kuja ujibu
County 001 will be having everyone by the balls if it’s well run

Kuna territorial waters, hapa Kenya has every right, from right of access and economic. They extend 22km
Then kuna Exclusive economic zone, EEZ, hapa our rights are only economic e.g fishing, extraction of underwater resources or wind. Hapa mtu akitaka kupita anapita tu bila kuomba ruhusa. This extends 390km

Kenya Navy has enough assets to protect out territorial waters. What we need is enough assets to protect beyond our borders

Weka map


ya ocean?

He he…hata mimi nimeshangaa kiasi. Ama waweke tu ya beach.

As @shocks has said, this applies to all countries with sufficient access to the oceans.

In naval doctrine, there are these three terms: Brown water navy, Green water navy and blue water navy.

  1. Brown water navy: These are small navies or sections of larger navies capable of riverine, lake and inshore patrol and security operations. Of course KN got that covered


  1. Green water navy: These are navies that operate medium (relative) displacement ships and can operate in the deep open waters of the ocean, can project power beyond it’s shores but cannot sustain long deployments without support from another navy or port of call. Of course KN got that covered.

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  1. Blue water navy: Are characterised by operating capital ships (aircraft carriers, helicopter/STOVL carriers, certain classes of submarines e.t.c), can project power to different regions/continents other than their own and other stuff. Hapa KN not yet

So KN being a green water navy, it can take care of the inshore patrol situation. However, what becomes of the marine unit of the Administration Police who even get training from US marines for this very same job? ( @pamba njoo ujibu swali)

Hapa wangestrengthen the AP’s marine unit and let the navy focus on external aggression not internal security. That is where coast guards come in and in cases where gendarmes exist (AP’s in Kenya)

I’m not sure if any of the navy’s ships were re-armed with missile systems to deal with other ships kwa hivo hapa ni kutumia the oto melara cannons zinakuwanga hapo kwa bow ya meli. If the Russians or Chinese wakiingia territorial waters bila invite ama ruhusa ya kupitia hapo, hiyo ni violation of sovereign territory. EEZ wanapita tu, bora wasiwe wameweka nyavu ndani ya maji.

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Ni kuuliza tu hizi vessel za Navy ni missile capable kweli jazzman

Jasiri, no. Shujaa and Shupavu yes lakini hizo system zilitolewa. They can easily be reinstalled

kwa nini hawakuziweka kwa jasiri

Hiyo maneno ya Somalia kudai 75% of our waters as theirs ilienda aje ? Case was at ICJ. They had drawn the border hivi

Jasiri ilijengwa as an oceanographic survey vessel which means it was not originally meant to be armed. It was later armed with an oto melara cannon which allowed it to become an offshore patrol vessel. Such types of ships can be found as the smallest ocean going vessels in big navies so it’s a hint to growth of the navy.

And the fact that its mapping the sea floor, submarine iko just beyond the horizon

Jasiri plus this other one operated by the fisheries department, RV Mtafiti

Are a sign of larger ships coming. Ukiskia a secret naval base ikijengwa jua iko mambo