CBR or KBR rate. Guidance now out

Banks to use CBR rate currently at 10.5% when issuing loans, Central Bank of Kenya says.

Compliance deadline date is tomorrow.

@imei2012 enda utusi loan manager wako wa equity sasa

Why are banks announcing that they will comply with the new guidelines? Do they have a choice? Wawache ujinga

paying them a visit soon

so CBA will revise the rate upwards?

If they revise upwards savers benefit. coz interest on savings will go up too

hapa kuna unga itamwagika

That was my next posting. The banks have introduced new Terms & Conditions on the deposit accounts to avoid paying interest rate of 7.35%. For example, at Barclay’s, if you make more than two withdrawals in a year then they won’t pay interest. At CBA, you don’t earn any interest if you make more than one withdrawal per month.

he he hee. wamemaliza savers.
biz ya shylock umeanza?

Is this legal. At Barclays you have to maintain a certain amount to maintain an account and to avoid charges, there was a time it had reached 50k. So that 50k is always in the account. You mean you earn nil if u ever make a withdrawal?

kujeni KWB

Let these f.ucks not pay us any interest. They are already dry friend by the new law. Customers will not miss a paltry 7 point something which they never used to get. But in my opinion a reduction from almost 20 pc to 14.5 is very welcome! Let’s keep the information flowing. I read somewhere sometime that interest rate is only one of like 13 charges so basically these serpents will simply increase all other charges. Fortunately the law states they must full disclosure. How many people read the fine print!

*dry fried.

there was a class action suit some time back by some woman on the hidden charges. Sijui iliishaje ama alikula millioni ngapi akatulia


I one time decided to read the fine print at chase bank when chase bank was chase bank, and the cute chicca looked at me and said " you ain’t going to read all that, are you?" I said oh yes I am coz it was written to be read. She was not amused and since I was angling for slices I stopped reading

Tell us if you got the slices and two if the bank fu**end you in return

:D:D:D:D Ngui. I hope you got served zikiwa na honey na peanut butter.

Kalinizungushaa na kunibble doh then the disappointment but it was worth the adventure