Where can I get this thing in town. The owner should be a university student not more than 22years and should be willing to do sleep overs once in a while[ATTACH=full]258981[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]258981[/ATTACH] should be decent presentable and willing to accompany an accomplished talked to business tours in and outside the country!

Animal orphanage is the best place. With all kind of pussies.

The kitten looks like he’s had enough of that BS

That pussy is judging you. You need to repent before it’s too late.

Bestiality…Not literally, but still ni bestiality…

after seeing flerken in captain marvel i never look at cats the same way…[SIZE=2]yeah…just a blonde comment i know[/SIZE]

A man who is not gender specific hmmm @under23

Kunguru ni wengi…kwani unaishi shimo gani, we mgeni CBD?

Najua wako wengi but nataka mwenye anameet my specifications

Bonga poa na @Shiroe

enda JKUAT hostels.

Enda Chukua Egerton,Freshers wameingia tu juzi.
Supply is iko poa