[FONT=times new roman]CBD thugs have No mercy…they just tore a lady’s bag looking for her cellphone!!!Terrible[/FONT]


I see she was self-sufficient. All bases/holes (?), were covered


And you just ‘torn’ English mercilessly.

aiyayayaya Vitalis Musyoki you have slapped English bwana

:D:D:Dchezeni chini.hii lugha pana mdomo changu


Remembered ile list ya shopping ukienda highschool. From above:
(2) toothbrush
(1) colgate 150 ml
(1) valon medium
(3) Pens (Black, Blue na brown)

Hapana anika hardware ya @Female Perspective hapa…

He he he!

Naona msudanese na mhindi

:mad: this site is whack

@Phenomenal Woman mbona sioni tablet ya Postinol hapa?

@Vitalis ,where did her spare pant disappear to ??

Siku hizi inabidi tucheke ha ha, he he, hu hu.

ha ha he he hu hu

Wamejua hawajui!

As always, @culture was there to sniff this out…

Ata huyo mwenye alikuwa anajijua :smiley: :smiley:

So @culture has also joined the copy pasting club!!