CBD Gangs Now Stripping Male Victims down to Socks and Boxers

A man has been robbed of everything including shoes,trousers and vest by a large group of boys harassing people and stealing at Temple Road Men watch out.CBD gangs are back.


Picha iko wapi!

unataka kuona mjuols za mume mwezako mbona?!

Homo suspicion points running rampant with some male villagers wanting to see nude males.
Meanwhile I avoid going to CBD as long as I can. Hao wezi wakauke huko

Ghasia wewe :smiley:

Shule zimefungwa hata hapa hatutapumua

Thats violating privacy

Why is this a warning to men only?
Who’s easier to rob, a woman out of her handbag/purse or struggle to remove trousers off a man?
Unless the thugs have another agenda you aren’t telling us.

Anataka mjuols itumbukiswo ndani yake

Huwezi avoid CBD forever. Lazima utaenda tu coz CBD is the life-blood of Nairobi.

What is there that you cannot find in Westie, Kasa, Ronga, or any center of your neighborhood? Uko CBD pitia tu ukisafiri. Also, stick to better sides of the CBD. Hizi chochoro achana nazo.

bila mbicha wacha ikae


If you have ever driven around CBD at night you will notice most pedestrians are male and the ladies are twilight gals. It is what it is.

This particular incident as reported elsewhere took place in broad daylight.

Maybe the thugs are smart enough,they don’t want to add a sexual Harassment suit on top if they get caught.:slight_smile: