Caught Red Handed


he is toast. pole kwake.

dubai he’s fucked
Drug trafficking or promotion in the UAE is punishable by death. Recently, an Emirati drug dealer was sentenced to death for possessing and trafficking 18kg of heroin. According to 7 Days, the 7DAYSinDubai website, the lawbreaker was caught in possession and smuggling the narcotics (following a tip-off received by Abu Dhabi Police); he was arrested in his car and taken away in handcuffs to jail to await trial.

Nigerians are frequent perpetrators these kinds of crimes,I have heard similar stories involving these people especially those that use women who are unaware to smuggle drugs,but sorry to these guy,but as the saying goes your biggest enemies will be your friends because strangers do not know/concern themselves with you

Very painful. The justice system there works very fast so the fellow will ve jailed for a long period.

But nowadays with courier services you should not accept some things. The other day i was in a matatu and the driver asked me to send someone 200 MPesa he would refund. I pretended not to have due to suspicions about recepient.

Shock on me when along the way he stopped and gave the wife 200. I felt bad when he explained to me that the 200 he wanted to send was for her to buy food to cook for the Kids’ supper.

Lakini,it is always good to err on the side of caution.

Ni kama hao watu huulizia directions, you can never know their intentions.

Yap, better to be Safe at the expense of being helpful/courteous. Kwanza kama ni Nairobi

Noob that doesn’t know scanners see organic matter. Deserves it

The guy is wearing a steel watchband…can’t tell the brand but most likely the movement is quartz

The culprit is dead meat.
Dubai airport is no Joke- I was once rescreened for the scanner made noise on me 3 times-
Some coins were in the wallet hence the noise ,but the security is tight and mean

Female-Coins in purse.
Male-Coins in wallet.

The verdict is yours.

Veined tree holder